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Does Your Home Need Any of These Wood Rot Repairs

wood rot is a common home repair

Everyone knows we’re getting lots more rain and snow than normal. Hopefully your house is watertight and none of the water has gotten inside your home. Because when water gets inside a house and doesn’t have a way to escape, you’re likely to get wood rot and that’s never good.

The worst part about wood rot is that it gets worse, year after year, so the sooner you find and make needed repairs, the less costly it will be.

So first you might want to understand how this happens. Wood rot is caused by wood destroying fungi that break down the wood cells... 

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Tops 12 Wood Rot Problems You Want to Fix Now!

wood rot can happen anywhere there's wood (food) and moisture

You’re sitting on your deck and happen to notice a few wood shavings in the corner and go over to see what’s going on. You probe with your finger and realize the wood is squishy, rotting and more of the crumbly stuff lands on the deck. Now you’re wondering what’s going on and what you should do?

Why Wood Rot Happens

Wood rot happens when 2 conditions exist – moisture levels reach/exceed 20 percent and where there is a food source (wood) for wood destroying fungi to grow. The average moisture content of building lumber ranges from 12 to 15% and heating... 

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