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Estimating Repair Costs for Rotted Window Sills and Trim

Estimating home repair costs is challenging

When the extent of the damage is not visible, estimating home repair costs presents a challenge. One of the most common handyman projects is repairing rotted window sills. The  extent of the damage in these repairs is often hidden until the rotted wood is removed. Most wood rot is preventable if home owners understand how critical routine, annual maintenance is to protecting their home.

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When to Replace Exterior Home Components?

New siding is needed every 20 to 50 years, depending on type of material uses

Just like buying new tires for your car, key components of your home need to be replaced on a fairly predictable schedule. Unfortunately most home owners don’t plan for these expenses, and then get caught with a whooping bill for a new roof, new furnace or worse, multiple expenses in the same year.

This article provides a list of the most common exterior home components needing ongoing replacement. It will be followed by a companion article, listing common interior home components that need replacing and you’re going to be more familiar with things like a new refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

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