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Home Repairs: Reasons to Call a Handyman

home repairs often mean getting on a ladder

Homeowners might tackle home repairs two or three times a year and that’s great. A handyman is doing home repairs around 200 days a year, which is why they’ve got the tools and experience to get things done quickly and with quality.

If you buy a new home, your builder’s warranty should cover repairs during the first year but after that you’re like every other owner, responsible for home maintenance and … sadly, your house doesn’t come with an owners manual.

Most homeowners don’t enjoy doing home repairs, and we understand that often it’s as simple as not enough time. There are... 

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Home Repairs After Storms

home repair requires tools & skills

Home repair after a storm is complicated and stressful, as everything is an unknown, unplanned and you want to get things done as quickly as possible.¬†First you need to make temporary repairs to avoid further damage and then there’s cleanup which provides some time to think through and plan your repair priorities. Next you need to address any water problems as these multiple rapidly if left unchecked.

Then you can start through the list of items needing attention. Seldom will you have the time or skills to do most tasks yourself, and don’t worry as you likely will still spend... 

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Mr Handyman: We Have the Expertise & Tools You Need

repairing fascia board

When you call My Handyman, it’s usually because you don’t have the expertise, the tools, the time or aren’t comfortable handling many home repair and maintenance chores. We know you recognize the importance of maintaining your home and handling repairs quickly to protect your home and family … and that’s why you call us. We appreciate your confidence and want to continue earning your support which is one reason we offer homeowner tips via this blog.

Over the last few years, we’ve had lots of storms and high winds which are causing lots more damage to your home than possibly you’ve... 

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Home Repair: Who Can You Trust?

Successful companies are ones that build strong customer loyalty

Home repair is something every homeowner must deal with although it’s not how we want to spend our time or money. The unfortunate thing about home repairs is many repairs could be avoided with the right home maintenance strategy … but there’s no owners manual for homeowners!

Without a home maintenance strategy, the default is a home repair strategy and that will cost you more money! That’s why we offer lots of home maintenance tips to help you save money as we both would enjoy more fun projects like remodeling a bathroom or updating your kitchen counter top. We hope that... 

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Why Calling a Handyman Might Be Cheaper

… You Also Need Power Tools

People are worried about the economy and they should be. Many are learning to rethink how they spend money. Have you thought about things you can live without? or spending less on vacation this year by driving instead of flying. Some home owners are starting to do their own car and home repairs with mixed results.

Saturday’s New York Times article by Susan Saulny,

Even to Save Cash Cash, Don’t Try This Stuff at Home

provides some great stories about why this isn’t always a good idea. You might think it’s easy to replace your... 

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Water Damage: Corner Boards (Part 3)

Typically a handyman focuses on making the repairs a customer requests. With blogging, there is a new dimension as I’m stitching together small stories of our work, that in fact start to present a bigger picture when you look at all the parts.

This is part 3 in a series about the places on a home’s exterior that suffer the most water damage. What are common threads between these elements of exterior home trim? They’re more vulnerable to the elements because they stick out further than the siding or other other components next to them.

The real story behind these (photos below)... 

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