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Home Automation and Our Changing Lifestyle

We hardly notice the impact home automation has had on our lifestyle. At first glance, it appears that home automation began with incorporating electronics into small appliances. For example, microwaves cook food in minutes and coffee makers greet you upon wakening with a freshly brewed  cup.

A closer look reveals that home automation has been around for many years, creating homes that help us with routine tasks like cooking and washing clothes. According to Wikipedia, home automation is “… automation of the home, housework or household activity …  to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.” Wikipedia also points out that... 

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Home Automation Keeping Your Home and Family Safe

home automation saves time & money

Home automation is no longer the wave of the future, home automation is now. You can control heating, cooling and even sprinkler systems remotely. Home entertainment systems and lighting can all be controlled with the touch of a button. Home automation systems are perfect for people who want more security or energy efficiency at home for their families and themselves.

Home Automation is Evolving

The majority of home automation systems evolved from home security systems, When the alarm was triggered an alert was sent to a monitoring center. A security company employee would call a designated number to verify the problem and... 

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