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Christmas Wreaths for Holiday Spirit

Christmas tradition hanging a wreath on your front door

Christmas wreaths are a tradition for many families, a way to brighten up your front door and share the holiday spirit with your neighbors. Christmas wreaths are also one of the easiest decorations to put up so when you’re short on time, or not comfortable on a ladder, they’re the perfect solution for adding holiday spirit to your home’s exterior.

In fact some homeowners like hanging different seasonal wreaths year round, to dress up their front door with a little color and it’s a lot eat easier than spending time in the garden on flowers that might only bloom for a... 

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Staying Safe This Holiday Season

staying safe this holiday season

Staying safe this holiday season is just as important as decorating your home and preparing great meals, so don’t take shortcuts.¬†There’s nothing worse than nursing a twisted ankle back to health when you’d rather be preparing for and enjoying the holiday season.

When it comes to decorating your home, there aren’t any rules about how many decorations you need and if you’re worried about disappointing the kids, let each child choose their favorite decorations and while it may take longer with the kids helping, you’ll make more memories from this special family time picking out favorite decorations. And if you already... 

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Holiday Decorating Tips

We love decorating our homes for the holidays

The holidays can be exciting, exhausting and overwhelming all at once. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to decorate, cook and entertain friends and family so … I hope you’re also setting aside time to enjoy the holidays yourself.

This article offers ideas on how you can save time putting up holiday decorations, as we all try to squeeze more into our days than is realistic. Our tips also focus on saving money by using what you already own. This will save you shopping time and it won’t be as difficult to put away all your holiday decorations¬† once... 

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Dining Room Ready for the Holidays?

Dining rooms are used more often during the holidays

Are you ready for the holidays? Are you hoping to install the new light fixtures you bought 2 years ago, and wondering where exactly you hid them? Go ahead and laugh as we hear this all the time from our customers, that they bought something and somehow it never got installed.

Light fixtures, a new counter top, new flooring are among the many things homeowners try to get done to update their homes for the holidays. That’s when we have more guests for family meals, neighborhood gatherings and while we sometimes tire of the whirlwind calendar, it’s fun and it makes... 

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Kitchens and Holidays

Everyone likes to decorate their table during the holidays

Kitchens get their biggest workout during the holidays. We tend to have big family meals, maybe a neighborhood gathering and of course, people always gather in the kitchen. This presents some challenges for those who aren’t happy with their kitchens. That’s why you ought to consider making a few quick changes so you’re happy when you’re cooking, baking and entertaining this year.

Our idea — rather than invest lots of time and money decorating for the holidays, make changes in your kitchen that you can enjoy this year and every year. As people stay in their homes longer, the need to... 

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Create Green Holiday Decorations

It’s fun to decorate the house and bring back old holiday memories. This year you should consider going natural with materials found in nature, i.e. those you can collect while walking on the beach or hiking up a mountain. You’ll save money and protect the environment by consuming fewer manufactured products.

Part of the fun is using your imagination, so I’ll just share some ideas here to get you dreaming about a new way of decorating. What’s important is to enjoy creating the decorations, figuring out how to display them and enjoying seeing them around your house through the holiday season.


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