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Gutters Will Save You Money

Gutters protect your home from water damage but they must be cleaned

New homes typically don’t come with gutters, shutters, sidewalks and other extras leaving the decision to the home buyer. Gutters are one of the more controversial features of a home. Many homeowners don’t understand the reasons behind installing gutters. More often, homeowners think they’re saving time and money because they don’t want to clean and maintain gutters, until they find themselves making repairs that could have been avoided. We should know as we’re the ones who get called to repair your wood rot!

Gutters Protect Your Home from Water

Your home’s exterior is like a raincoat protecting it from sun, wind and... 

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How Mr. Handyman Can Save You Money

Lots of home owners are more comfortable getting what they consider to be a “fixed price” estimate, and yes customers believe an estimate = fixed price? Mr Handyman owners across the US have a forum for sharing stories and providing advice. Someone said this was s story worth sharing, so I hope you enjoy it.

When is Time & Materials Cheaper?

Gutters Protect Your Home

A customer called on Wednesday last week because he needed a section of gutter added to his house. He explained it would be tricky because it would come straight down, make a 90 degree bend, and then... 

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Water Damage: Front Doors and Splashback (Part 5)

Front Door Splash Back

Front doors play an important role in the curb appeal of your home. They reflect the personality of the house, along with the family that lives there.

The challenge for us today is we rarely use our front doors. They are a legacy from the days when homes lined streets and we entered a house from the street or sidewalk. Now we have cars, driveways and garages. We’re much more likely to enter our homes from a side or back door.

Why does it matter what door we use?

It matters because any exterior door is likely to experience... 

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