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Recycling Just Got Easier


Maybe your town doesn’t have it’s own recycling center but there must be places where you can get help? It just got easier to fin where you can recycle … paper and cardboard, plastic and glass, aluminum, steel and copper, computers, printers and cell phones, rechargeable batteries and CFL lightbulbs. It’s called Earth911 and you can get help online or by phone.

Learn How Easy Recycling Can Be Visit www.Earth911.com (see below) Select the type of material you want to recycle Enter the city or zip code where you want to recycle Click on the search button Scan locations listed below the green menu box –... 

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Green Groceries, Products & Resources

Using recycled grocery bags means we can stop wasting paper and/or plastic

People are talking about green but what does it mean? Maybe you’ve heard about going green, living green, green homes, green building,¬†green remodeling, green building materials, green architecture, recycled products,¬† green cleaning products and the list goes on. The challenge is figuring out what these words mean and more important, how home owners can prioritize.

Basic Green Concepts

To start, it might make more sense to explain some of the concepts behind the green movement. Green relates to resources. For example, bamboo is a green material because it grows faster than the useful life of most products made... 

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Green – More than Grass, Homes are Going Green!

There is more and more talk about green anything, so of course we’re learning about green homes. While much of the focus is on new construction or remodeling, there are many things you can do at home to help save the environment. Here is a great web site I found about everything green, from home and garden, to food, fashion and so much more at planetgreen.com …


How Green is Your Home?

There are quite a few web sites focusing on GREEN so if you find a good one, please share with us here so all of our visitors can check... 

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