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Does Your Home Need Any of These Wood Rot Repairs

wood rot is a common home repair

Everyone knows we’re getting lots more rain and snow than normal. Hopefully your house is watertight and none of the water has gotten inside your home. Because when water gets inside a house and doesn’t have a way to escape, you’re likely to get wood rot and that’s never good.

The worst part about wood rot is that it gets worse, year after year, so the sooner you find and make needed repairs, the less costly it will be.

So first you might want to understand how this happens.¬†Wood rot is caused by wood destroying fungi that break down the wood cells... 

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Home Repairs After Storms

home repair requires tools & skills

Home repair after a storm is complicated and stressful, as everything is an unknown, unplanned and you want to get things done as quickly as possible.¬†First you need to make temporary repairs to avoid further damage and then there’s cleanup which provides some time to think through and plan your repair priorities. Next you need to address any water problems as these multiple rapidly if left unchecked.

Then you can start through the list of items needing attention. Seldom will you have the time or skills to do most tasks yourself, and don’t worry as you likely will still spend... 

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