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Energy Choices: Best CLF Manufacturer

Sylvania CFLs

During a recent training session for Mr/My Handyman technicians, we were reviewing our green checklist, and specifically those quick projects that offer great savings to our customers. CFL lightbulbs are at the top of the list along with programmable thermostats, and the technicians consistently said that Sylvania’s products are the best.

Another technician who has them throughout his home, said they brighten quickly where other bulbs take a few seconds. Another technician who’s toured one of the Sylvania manufacturing plants, said their focus on quality control is excellent.

Mr/My Handyman Training

Technicians were also quick to point out some of... 

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Green – More than Grass, Homes are Going Green!

There is more and more talk about green anything, so of course we’re learning about green homes. While much of the focus is on new construction or remodeling, there are many things you can do at home to help save the environment. Here is a great web site I found about everything green, from home and garden, to food, fashion and so much more at planetgreen.com …


How Green is Your Home?

There are quite a few web sites focusing on GREEN so if you find a good one, please share with us here so all of our visitors can check... 

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Selecting New Basement Windows

Basement windows often get overlooked when thinking about replacement windows, as we don’t see them every day. They do however, affect your home heating and/or cooling costs just like other windows. So what decisions do you need to make when picking new basement windows?

There are only a few significant decisions to make:

Vinyl, aluminum or wood, and given these windows are close to the ground, vinyl is ideal as it is more energy efficient than aluminum and less prone to moisture problems. For finished basements you can get wood windows that are vinyl clad on the outside. Energy efficiency ranges from single... 

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Energy Savings for Homeowners Part of Stimulus Package

The stimulus bill has been passed. More than $50 billion is focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy.  While most of the money is earmarked for improving energy infrastructure, government and manufacturing facilities … we all eventually benefit from these investments as the technologies trickle down to new materials for home construction.

Residential Home's Energy Losses

For homeowners, here are the immediate benefits with respect to energy:

Extends to 2010, tax credits for purchase of more efficient furnaces, windows and doors, insulation, etc. Please be careful in planning your investments as there are quite a few limitations. The EnergyStar (www.energystar.gov) web site: Home... 

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Wasting Energy: Learn How to Save Energy & Money

Time Magazine recently published an interesting article, Wasting Our Watts. Here are the key messages from this article.

Available immediately, surprisingly abundant


A simple concept, Waste Less Energy

… or “more precisely, consuming less energy to get the same amount of heat for your shower, lights for your office and power for your factory. It turns out to be much less expensive, destructive and time-intensive to reduce demand through efficiency than to increase supply through new drilling or new power plants.”

Here are the key points I took away from this article:

Without the energy saving measures taken after the 1973 energy crisis,... 

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Energy Vampires: Learn How to Identify & Tame Them

Vampire Bats

Vampire ENERGY

Vampire energy is a new term I learned today. I admit I knew the concept but like most Americans, I haven’t made the effort to conserve energy like I should. So what is it?

Vampire energy is the energy used by things 24 hours a day, even when they are turned off or aren’t being used. You may not realize that TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computers/printers, stereos, microwaves, coffee machines, washers/dryers, rechargeable power tools, etc use vampire energy. You think you’ve turned them off, but they are still using power.

We think the TV remote saves us energy but it... 

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Learn How to Program Your Thermostat

Given that heating and cooling costs account for slightly under 50% of your home’s energy costs, it’s important that home owners adopt the use of programmable thermostats. Many people simply don’t know which thermostat to buy, or how to program it after it’s installed.

This short video from the EPA, Program Your Programmable Thermostat, provides a nice overview to help you through some of these concerns.

Digital Thermostat

You should buy your own thermostat and install if you’re comfortable following the directions included. If not, just give a call to My Handyman and we’ll help you start saving on heating costs.

For more... 

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