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Homeowners Should Research Energy Efficient Projects to Avoid Fraud

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We recently wrote about new insulation choices that are coming to market, to address increased focus on making our homes more energy efficient. It was a surprise then (or maybe it shouldn’t surprise us), to find that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined a company $350,000 making “deceptive and unsubstantiated” energy and cost saving claims regarding insulation products.

The specifics of the case aren’t as important as the key message, that homeowners need to make informed decisions, i.e. you should be researching home improvement projects, products and materials before purchase. The FTC included the following warning in their announcement ”  A... 

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Invest Now to Save Future Heating/Cooling Costs

It’s summer so it seems strange talking about updating your home to reduce your heating bill … which won’t start arriving for several months? If you’re using any type of air conditioning, central or room, the changes will also reduce your cooling costs. That’s because the techniques to insulate your home all focus on reducing the amount of air flow between spaces. There are 2 basic ways your home loses heat:

Conditioned air inside your home can leak to the outside, and be replaced by outside air which then needs to be heated or cooled. Heat (or cooled) are can be lost... 

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American Clean Energy Act


Maybe you thought the energy tax credits announced earlier this year were all that would happen?

There’s a lot more focus on developing new energy saving initiatives that will save us energy in the US and around the globe. Here is just the beginning of a “clean energy” tax bill working it’s way through our government. The breadth of initiatives covered is impressive and includes:

Targets for utilities to reduce their demand through renewable energy sources New energy standards for industry, buildings (commercial and housing) and appliances Reduce carbon emissions while investing in clean energy technologies … protect consumers from increased energy prices

New buildings need... 

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Wasting Energy: Learn How to Save Energy & Money

Time Magazine recently published an interesting article, Wasting Our Watts. Here are the key messages from this article.

Available immediately, surprisingly abundant


A simple concept, Waste Less Energy

… or “more precisely, consuming less energy to get the same amount of heat for your shower, lights for your office and power for your factory. It turns out to be much less expensive, destructive and time-intensive to reduce demand through efficiency than to increase supply through new drilling or new power plants.”

Here are the key points I took away from this article:

Without the energy saving measures taken after the 1973 energy crisis,... 

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