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Getting Rid of a Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling

If you mention popcorn ceilings, anyone who has a popcorn ceiling will respond almost immediately and talk about having them, hating them and share a story about replacing it with … HELP! Mostly it’s fear of the unknown, or too much work and too little time, or whatever it is that keeps us all busy today. This article offers a glimpse into where these ceilings came from, why they’re still here and most important, we’ll tell you about your options for replacing them.

Popcorn Ceiling History

Popcorn ceilings arrived in the 1950s when construction took off after World War 2,... 

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Tips to Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Repair Damage

We get a lot of calls to find and repair leaks, both roof leaks where water is getting in from above (sometimes around a window too), other times it’s from bathroom plumbing and once in a while, we’ve had to make repairs after the central air conditioning unit in the attic leaked. Covering water stains with a stain block can solve small problems. Often though, the sheetrock has enough damage that it has to be cut out and replaced.  With a popcorn ceiling, finishing off the repair is tricky. You have to remove the popcorn around the new sheetrock, in... 

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Ceilings Can Get Complicated

We do quite a few small jobs for local businesses, mostly restaurants, retail stores and small offices. These jobs are more challenging than most repairs in a home, because a business is trying to accomplish many different goals in a limited amount of space.

This particular job involved placing grids on the ceiling to support various banners that get hung occassionally to showcase new products or announce a special promotion. The store received 6 grids which were to be installed in a row. However, there were so many other fixtures (track lighting, sprinklers, etc.) on the ceiling that it took some... 

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Ceiling Fans – Using Them in the Winter?

Installing Ceiling Fan

Most people use ceiling fans in the summer, creating a downdraft that causes a wind-chill effect. The skin evaporates slight amounts of water from the sweat glands, providing cooling through the skin’s surface. The air is only moved, not cooled so you want to turn the fan off when there are no people in the room. You may find you can lower your thermostat down a degree or two to save on energy costs.

Air settles in layers with the warmest air at the top of a room. In the winter, ceiling fans can run counterclockwise to redirect... 

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