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Time for Caulking Windows & Doors?

caulking windows keeps water out

Most homeowners think about sinks and bathtubs when they hear someone talk about caulking. You might not realize caulking windows and doors is a great way to stop drafts in your home. It’s more common to leave exterior caulking to when you paint your home but reviewing and replacing exterior caulking to reduce your winter heating bills can be done at anytime.

We’ll use caulking windows to explain why caulking is important and then summarize other areas of your home’s where caulking can help stop air and water from entering your home.

How Caulking Windows Works

Think of your home’s exterior walls like... 

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Caulking Tips for Homeowners

caulking windows keeps water out

Caulking is a routine home maintenance job. It’s very important but there’s little to remind us when old caulking fails to keep the water out, or air is leaking and raising our utility bills. Caulking won’t stick like a door that’s difficult to close but it may crack or separate from the window it’s protecting, so it no longer provides an airtight seal against water, air, dust and insects.

That’s why we offer quarterly home maintenance checklists, to remind you about items that need ongoing maintenance and repairs. This spring you’ll easily spot the screens than have holes and need to... 

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Doors, Windows & Weep Holes?

Great care is taken in home construction to keep the water out (or inside the shower, tub or sink). From the peak of your roof, shingles are laid down in an overlapping fashion to keep water flowing down … and the same is true of siding. You might be more aware of gutters or rain diverters that keep water from drenching you or guests when entering your home, and downspouts help carry water away from your homes foundation.

No matter how good a job is done, water does get into our homes and needs a way to escape safely. Safety means... 

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