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Your Bathroom Ideas Can Become Reality

Luxurious bathrooms for relaxing

How long have you been dreaming about a new bathroom? You probably have been collecting bathroom ideas longer than you realize, especially if you get lots of home magazines and catalogs or watch HGTV.  Many homeowners who haven’t completed a large remodeling project are intimidated by tackling something this large and it’s common to have a (healthy) fear of the unknown.

By taking time to plan your bathroom remodeling project, you will be able to turn your bathroom ideas into reality, with a budget you’re comfortable with. Your bathroom ideas come from a lot of places – the web, books and catalogs,... 

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Bathroom Storage: Where To Find It


Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in a house but we expect a lot from them. We also try to stuff a lot of things into our bathrooms with the hope that we’ll always have what we need, and thus save time. The problem with too much stuff? You might not be able to find what you want, when you want (need) it. Here are ideas to help you find and/or create more storage in your bathroom.

Look Behind the Doors

One of the most cost effective ways to add storage to a bathroom – putting hooks on the back of your doors.... 

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Hardwood Floors in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Hardwood floors are beautiful and a great option if you’ve decided not to move and want to update your home. You may also see benefits when it comes time to sell, either in a higher price or selling faster when similar homes on the market don’t have hardwood floors.

If you are considering hardwood floors, one of the things you have to decide is what rooms do you want to install hardwood flooring in? This question leads to the subject of this article …

How practical are hardwood floors near water?

Hardwood floors, when you look at them visually, appear to be... 

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