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Bathroom Storage: Where To Find It


Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in a house but we expect a lot from them. We also try to stuff a lot of things into our bathrooms with the hope that we’ll always have what we need, and thus save time. The problem with too much stuff? You might not be able to find what you want, when you want (need) it. Here are ideas to help you find and/or create more storage in your bathroom.

Look Behind the Doors

One of the most cost effective ways to add storage to a bathroom – putting hooks on the back of your doors.... 

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Bathroom Remodel a Success!

Bathroom from the Door

We just finished the 2nd floor guest bathroom! A picture is worth a thousand words. I’m amazed how different the first 2 photos look – same room, different lighting. To minimize reflections off the mirror, the overhead light was turned off for the photo with sink details.

Bathroom from the Door

Bathroom Sink Details

Matching Hardware

Beadboard Wainscoting

New Tile Floor

More Decorating to Come

It will look even better once decorated. Here are the lessons we learned (what to consider next time) from a quick bathroom remodel:

Lighting is crucial so install it early to make sure you’re happy with... 

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Bathrooms: Teamwork Gets the Job Done!

2nd Floor Bathroom Colors

When you need quick turnaround, everyone on the team needs to be flexible. We wanted to get this bathroom done before some other remodeling projects started. This meant working with fixtures we could purchase locally rather than ordering online. We started with color choices and customer sign-off on a vanity … and then the fun began.

2nd Floor Bathroom Colors

2nd Floor Vanity

New Vanity Installed

There is more to a bathroom than just the vanity. You need a countertop, a sink and faucet and the dilema was locating these quickly. Here’s how we did it … in just a few... 

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