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Swing Set Installation Tips

Backyard swing sets are for kids to dream about the possibilities

Every year families with young, energetic children purchase swing sets which have to be assembled and set up. Although setting up a swing set isn’t difficult, it requires more patience and time than than you would expect. A touch of realism will help homeowners assess how much time it will take to assemble the swing set and decide whether it’s worth it … as smaller, simpler swing sets or pre-assembled ones are just as much fun.

Double the cost of a swing set to cover paying someone to set it up – does it fit your budget?

This approach gets the swing... 

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Children’s Swingsets: Tips to Buy & Assemble

Children's swingsets provide great outdoor playspace

Swing sets and spring seem to go together. The box stores assemble and display a swing set near the front of the store and parents buy them. What you might not recognize is just like the candy on display at the grocery store check-out line, these swing sets are often an impulse purchase that maybe needs a little more research before you buy?

When you’re at the store, you only see the physical swing set so it’s hard to imagine exactly where it will go in your yard, and very few yards have a perfectly level space without trees. Instead you... 

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