Creating More Storage in Condos

Shelving as Storage

Condominiums are small so storage is important to everyone, whether they are renters or future buyers. Mr Handyman’s customer was clear that he wanted lots of wall shelves in the living room, office and master bedroom. He also wanted lots of storage in the basement (see separate post).

Shelving as Storage by Jennifer Myers Interiors

We worked with the client’s interior decorator, and offered ideas from other storage projects we’ve completed. Some innovative storage jobs we’ve completed include opening up space under stairs, built-in bookcases that are right-sized to fit the smaller footprint of a condo, chair and plate rails overhead... 

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Bathroom Design Change Requires New Paint Colors

4 Colors

When we introduced the chair rail design, we didn’t realize how many additional decisions would need to be made. We worked with our client on the chair rail design, then the tile choices on top of the chair rail and now we need to finalize the paint colors.

Yesterday our technician applied the dark “chocolate” color (what we originally picked) to the lower walls and the lighter (2 recommended by our interior decorator) to the upper wall. Last night I visited the condo to tape up the 4 color choices and take these photos for the owner to view, as last... 

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