Wishing You a Happy New Year

Well we’re certainly ending the year better off than the last few years, so we hope this holiday finds you and your loved ones happy, healthy and ready to enjoy 2014.

Happy New Year from our house, to your home!


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What Are Your Monthly Home Expenses?

many items go into monthly home expenses

When you bought your house, did you really look at all your monthly home expenses? You probably focused on how much you could afford to spend for your new house based on mortgage payments. You might have been limited by how much the bank was willing to loan you, combined with your down payment. The banks are helpful to a point – they make sure you’ll be able to pay principal, interest, taxes and insurance, everything needed to protect the asset behind your home loan.

What few homeowners add into the equation of how much home they can afford, are all... 

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Happy Holidays

While we realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, it’s a very special holiday for our families … and so we wanted to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.


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Home Automation Keeping Your Home and Family Safe

home automation saves time & money

Home automation is no longer the wave of the future, home automation is now. You can control heating, cooling and even sprinkler systems remotely. Home entertainment systems and lighting can all be controlled with the touch of a button. Home automation systems are perfect for people who want more security or energy efficiency at home for their families and themselves.

Home Automation is Evolving

The majority of home automation systems evolved from home security systems, When the alarm was triggered an alert was sent to a monitoring center. A security company employee would call a designated number to verify the problem and... 

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What’s Important When Buying a Water Heater

buying a hot water heater can get complicated

There’s nothing like a good hot shower to begin or end your day. For as much as you enjoy a hot shower, how often do you think about your hot water heater? Only when you run out of hot water right?

You’d think buying a hot water heater would be easy, but today’s hot water heaters have a multitude of fuel sources, features and form factors, so, buying a hot water heater can get really complicated.

When should you buy a new hot water heater? Hopefully you know how old your hot water heater is and can plan ahead for the expense... 

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Photo Walls To Enjoy Memories Year Round

photo walls you or your handyman can hang

At the end of the year we celebrate many different holidays with family and friends who are important in our lives. It’s a fun, exciting time of year but wait … why can’t we enjoy memories of these times all year round?

You can with a photo wall (or two) in your home. You can keep the holidays and other special people and activities alive in your home year round. Photo walls work well because you’re displaying the photos at eye level where it’s easy to scan your favorite pictures. They’re also great because they don’t take up surfaces you want... 

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Quick Home Repairs to Make Before Guests Arrive

make home repairs before holiday guests arrive

Home repairs happen throughout the year. The most important repairs before the holidays are ones that might cause an accident when you’ve got guests visiting. Taking care of these repairs now will make your holidays go more smoothly and you’ll relax knowing your home is holiday ready.

Sidewalks, Stairs and Home Repairs

When you live in a house you have a routine which might include skipping that wobbly first step up to the front porch. Family members might never use the front door because you enter the house through the back door that goes right into the kitchen.

Your guests will use the... 

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Home Repairs: Reasons to Call a Handyman

home repairs often mean getting on a ladder

Homeowners might tackle home repairs two or three times a year and that’s great. A handyman is doing home repairs around 200 days a year, which is why they’ve got the tools and experience to get things done quickly and with quality.

If you buy a new home, your builder’s warranty should cover repairs during the first year but after that you’re like every other owner, responsible for home maintenance and … sadly, your house doesn’t come with an owners manual.

Most homeowners don’t enjoy doing home repairs, and we understand that often it’s as simple as not enough time. There are... 

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15 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

As winter approaches we wonder how cold it will get, how much snow we’ll have to shovel and how high the heating bill will be. Fortunately oil prices seem to be holding steady this year which is a good thing for those heating with oil, compared to fairly steep increases last year. For anyone who wants to track home heating fuel prices, here’s what the U.S. Energy Information Administration has on their website.

Natural Gas: $11.33 per 1,000 cubic feet. Heating Oil: $3.63 per gallon. Electricity: 12.00 cents per kilowatt hour.

But you probably don’t really understand what these prices mean to your budget... 

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Emergency Preparedness Month & Home Emergency Plans

a home emergency plan will help you weather most emergencies

It seems like there’s a new weather related emergency every week and sure enough, as I’m writing this article … CNN is reporting that Hurricane Manuel hit Mexico’s Pacific coast, dumping too much rain and now there are mudslides. For many people these stories might not seem real, as they’re in another state or across the country. In reality, these types of weather emergencies are touching every state in the U.S.

Don’t think you’ll have an emergency in your community? Here’s a map from Ready.gov that says you, along with everyone else in the country, needs to prepare for an emergency arriving... 

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