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Property Disclosures are Subject to Statute of Limitations

statute of limitations on property disclosures

Property Disclosures can be daunting for a seller to fill out, because if there is any type of memory loss, it can come back to bite them.  The statute of limitations is a term used in lawsuits and does impact real estate sales and the parties involved.  The statute of limitations is intended to encourage the resolution of legal claims within a reasonable amount of time. However, there are many gray areas to the statute of limitations, which I found out a couple of years ago when an attorney called me about a transaction I had been involved in almost... 

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A Purchase Agreement is Like a Diaper.

purchase agreements are like diapers

The Purchase Agreement can and should be used to cover all parties during the purchase or sale of a home.  The Purchase Agreement is used to cover the legal aspects of the entire transaction between a buyer and a seller.  You might believe the most important item in the purchase agreement is the purchase price, but you would be wrong.  There are lots of other items that are there to help prevent miscommunication between all the parties involved.  Specifically when you are looking at new construction in a development like Highfield Commons, there are separate documents where the builder... 

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A Strategy for Selling Your Home

selling a home

Don’t think for a minute that putting up a For Sale sign is going  to sell your home.  Selling your home takes planning and strategy.

Selling your home in the real estate market we are currently in is a bit easier than during the past couple of years.  Houses are going on the market and sellers are selling their homes quicker than they have in awhile.  The average “days on the market” during the past 9 months has varied from a third of the houses selling in zero to 90 days and another 12% staying on the market for as long... 

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