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Great Schools, Neighborhood & Views, Your Forever Home Features

neighborhoods are important to picking your forever home

When buying a house, you are used to considering things like the size of the house you want, where you want it to be, how many bedrooms, bathrooms etc. But there are bigger issues to consider. You can change many things about a home after you buy it, but, there are facets that once you’ve purchased the house, you are stuck with. It’s crucial to get these factors right when buying your forever home., surveyed 1,500 realtors who are members of their online community. They work with home buyers and sellers every day, so they know first hand what’s important. For... 

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Plants to Create a Healthy Home

green plants are perfect for interior decorating

In spring and summer lots of homeowners like you, are enjoying the fresh air outside while working in the yard, cleaning up and preparing garden beds, and thinking ahead to lots of fun activities that only happen during the summer.

At the same time, when you’re visiting your local nursery for new shrubs and flowers for the yard, take a few extra minutes to check out the indoor plants. These green plants are great for decorating your home plus they filter out unhealthy chemicals, to keep you healthy indoors. You can learn how airborne chemicals in our homes can make us sick... 

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12 Home Security Tips For Summer Safety

social media can affect home security

Summer is a special time of year where we spend more time outdoors and traveling for graduation, weddings and of course, the family vacation. These are all wonderful and in order to enjoy your memories even more, the home security tips shared here will let your relax and hopefully, avoid dealing with someone breaking into your house.

Wishing you a relaxing and memorable summer this year.

Home Security When Noone is Home Close doors, windows and other entry points when your home is empty, so now is a good time to make sure all locks are easy to operate by any family member. Don’t... 

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Home Warranties Provide Buyer Security

a home warranty reduces the risk of serious problems needing repairs

Home warranties make a a home more attractive to prospective buyers because they’re protected from major repairs during their first year of ownership when they’re getting familiar with their new home. Sellers will often pay for a home warranty to make their home more attractive and many homeowners maintain their warranty year-after-year to avoid worrying about replacing major home systems or appliance when required.

There are different types of home warranties depending on whether you’re buying an existing or new home. You’ll should read the fine print for any home warranty to understand what’s covered and the rules you must follow to... 

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Reasons for Moving Vary Widely – What’s Your Reason?

reasons for moving

Prior to the housing trough, Americans had many reasons for moving, and they averaged one move every five to seven years or 11.9% in 2008 according to Pew Research’s article, Who Moves? Who Stays Put? Where’s Home? As housing prices drop, people remain in their existing homes for many reasons, like concerns about home value or employment uncertainty.

As the economy pulls out of this extended recession, people are wondering if now is the right time to move and how do they know if they have good reasons for moving. Have home prices stabilized, even increased in some markets? Are interest rates going... 

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Christmas Traditions & Trees Can Change

white christmas collage with upside down christmas tree

Wishing you and your loved ones, a very Merry Christmas.

We hope you’re home enjoying the holiday with family and friends, and to make you smile … here’s a collage of some wonderful holiday decorations including one of the new “upside down” Christmas trees (upper left) that are popular, although it takes a bit more work to hang it from your ceiling.


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Tips for First Time Home Buyers

first time home buyers need to buy what they can afford

First time home buyers have a lot more challenges than even a few years ago. They’ve got more information on the Internet, and have to decide what’s truthful and helpful. They need to create a framework for sorting all this new information out, and learn how to use the information to make smart decisions for now and the unknown future as we’ve all learned watching the housing bubble burst.

The home buying process can be very intimidating for the first time home buyer and today there are more hurdles to overcome, created to safeguard against the home financing problems that led to... 

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Property Disclosures are Subject to Statute of Limitations

statute of limitations on property disclosures

Property Disclosures can be daunting for a seller to fill out, because if there is any type of memory loss, it can come back to bite them.  The statute of limitations is a term used in lawsuits and does impact real estate sales and the parties involved.  The statute of limitations is intended to encourage the resolution of legal claims within a reasonable amount of time. However, there are many gray areas to the statute of limitations, which I found out a couple of years ago when an attorney called me about a transaction I had been involved in almost... 

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A Purchase Agreement is Like a Diaper.

purchase agreements are like diapers

The Purchase Agreement can and should be used to cover all parties during the purchase or sale of a home.  The Purchase Agreement is used to cover the legal aspects of the entire transaction between a buyer and a seller.  You might believe the most important item in the purchase agreement is the purchase price, but you would be wrong.  There are lots of other items that are there to help prevent miscommunication between all the parties involved.  Specifically when you are looking at new construction in a development like Highfield Commons, there are separate documents where the builder... 

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Confused About Home Inspections?

home inspections help homeowners save money

When you bought your home, you probably had a home inspection and hopefully there weren’t any surprises. Everyone should get a home inspection to identify major problems before the closing, even if you’re buying a brand new home as some things get forgotten at the end.

The real question is whether you should get another home inspection after you’ve been in the house for 5 years or more as most problems aren’t obvious, until there’s no hot water or worse, the hot water tank emptied it’s contents all over the floor (it happens if you forget to replace the anode rod).  An... 

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