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Who Owns the Fence?

We sometimes get asked to help solve a fencing problem, and it’s not always a technical problem. Many homeowners aren’t happy with their neighbor’s fence, or want to install one for a new pet but aren’t sure how to address their neighbors concerns. That’s where we can discuss options, although we don’t have a lot of personal experience. My preference is to keep spaces open so we can all enjoy them. In one house, I did appreciate not having to walk our dog and we simply added a dog door for easy access to the fenced yard.

When I... 

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Backyard Safe for Pets?

A dog door save you having to open/close the door

Hope you’re enjoying the weather and spending time outdoors. We’ve given you lots of tips for landscaping and thought we ought to remind you that your choices should take pet safety into consideration as there are lots of plants that are toxic to your pets.

Landscaping for People, Pets or Both?

Maybe your dog won’t eat a plant but certain breeds like labradors eat almost anything, including grass. That’s why you want to research and find the best trees, shrubs and flowers to enjoy your backyard and keep everyone healthy. When picking flowers and shrubs, here’s what you want to consider:

How great... 

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We Have a New Dog and Now Need???

New Dog, Now What?

We’ve talked about tips for organizing all the kids paraphernalia for school, sports and other hobbies. Adding a pet brings new challenges to getting, and staying organized around the house. Mr Handyman is used to handling almost any type of request for normal home maintenance and repairs. We also get some unusual requests to assemble furniture, beds and skate ramps and some requests have to do with installing pet doors and building / expanding outdoor runs.

It’s amazing how quickly you’ll find dog items throughout your home so these tips are organized around the various activities you’ll... 

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Which Pet Doors Work with Screen Doors?

Snap on Door from

People are swapping their screens for storm doors and windows. This usually means fixing screens with holes or tears. One of the most common problems with screen doors is people or pets walking through them.

One of our customers decided it was time to accept reality. If her dog wanted to spend time on her deck, it made sense to add a pet door to the screen door to reduce repairs. She didn’t know what kind of door to get so we offered to research the available choices and make a recommendation.

At the low end there are lightweight (plastic) screens that... 

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