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Spring Checklist For Exterior Home Maintenance

exterior home maintenance checklist includes roof repairs

Unlike the inside of our homes, we can’t control the weather that pummels the outside of our homes. A home maintenance check list is an important tool that can help you inspect and make repairs to your home. With a home maintenance checklist, you can improve the safety of family and friends, reduce the loss of cooled or heated air, and prevent water damage.

It doesn’t matter if you roll up your sleeves and tackle the work or if you delegate to a landscaper, handyman, or other home professional. What’s important is that you are proactive and stay on top of... 

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What Are Your Monthly Home Expenses?

many items go into monthly home expenses

When you bought your house, did you really look at all your monthly home expenses? You probably focused on how much you could afford to spend for your new house based on mortgage payments. You might have been limited by how much the bank was willing to loan you, combined with your down payment. The banks are helpful to a point – they make sure you’ll be able to pay principal, interest, taxes and insurance, everything needed to protect the asset behind your home loan.

What few homeowners add into the equation of how much home they can afford, are all... 

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Emergency Preparedness Month & Home Emergency Plans

a home emergency plan will help you weather most emergencies

It seems like there’s a new weather related emergency every week and sure enough, as I’m writing this article … CNN is reporting that Hurricane Manuel hit Mexico’s Pacific coast, dumping too much rain and now there are mudslides. For many people these stories might not seem real, as they’re in another state or across the country. In reality, these types of weather emergencies are touching every state in the U.S.

Don’t think you’ll have an emergency in your community? Here’s a map from that says you, along with everyone else in the country, needs to prepare for an emergency arriving... 

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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

fall maintenance includes cleaning gutters

The leaves are starting to turn color which means it’s time to plan your fall maintenance strategy. We know you’re busy now, and life gets busier as the holidays approach. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan how you want to tackle your fall maintenance chores before winter arrives.

Remember that home maintenance is preventive just like going to the doctor for your annual checkup. When you focus on home maintenance you’re saving money because you’re reducing the need for repairs and extending the life of many home features which cost money and time to replace.

Fall Maintenance – What to Inspect... 

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Spring Checklist Helps You Maintain Your Investment

Wood decks require ongoing maintenance - cleaning, repairs & sealing/staining

Your home is a major investment so if you want to protect and maintain your investment you must consistently perform routine home maintenance. And as the temperatures rise, spring is an ideal time to evaluate your home and see where you can make repairs that will help you retain your home’s value. This spring checklist will help you keep track of necessary home repairs and may even identify what routine maintenance you’ve not considered.

Did you know that the average length of time you’re likely to spend in your home is 10+ years?  Consider this: if you bought a 10 year... 

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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter House

Like bears who hibernate through the winter, we tend to spend more time inside our homes during the winter months. Which is the perfect time to focus on things inside your house, things we often forget about with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living.

We’ve created a few tables that will you can focus on a few things each week or month. Safety is always a top priority and then you want to protect your home by minimizing any potential water  damage. Then it’s time to consider ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency as those savings will come every... 

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Can Fall Home Maintenance Be Fun?

fall home maintenance chores protect your family & investment

We get that home maintenance isn’t the most exciting project on your list. We know busy homeowners never have enough time so taking care of even simple home chores like changing the batteries in smoke detectors, falls to the bottom of the to do list and might not happen for months and sometimes years.

Hopefully you don’t put off your annual doctor’s visit as you can’t turn the clock back, and no matter what we do, we’re all getting older. The same is true for your home – you can’t turn the clock back and undo the water damage when there’s... 

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Fall is for Planting Spring Bulbs

Well your new fall home maintenance checklist isn’t quite done. I decided to pop in to say hi and recommend a fun project that will pay off for years to come, adding some bulbs to your garden. Color is more important that we realize and this is certainly true after a winter season where so few shrubs are green or full of color. That’s when it’s fun to watch different flowers bloom in the garden and many of these are bulbs.

Enjoy this inspirational video on planting bulbs and let me know which kind of flowers you pick.


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Can the New Home Buyer Tax Credit Help You?

A Great Time to Buy!

If you own a home, you probably didn’t pay much attention to the home buyer tax credit for First Time Home Buyers. Now most home owners are eligible for the new tax credit, which has been extended through April, 2010. Why … because Congress understands how many industries are stalled until we get the cycle of buying and selling real estate moving. It affects the economy, and that means it affects all of us!

The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009

The new tax credit for existing home owners is worth of up to $6,500 for qualified move-up/repeat home buyers... 

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Screws, Bolts, Nuts and Washers?

Every home owner has a collection of screws, nails and other hardware. The challenge is knowing which is which, so when the directions call for some wing nuts, you know what to look for.

How Do I Find the Right Hardware?

If you’re looking for help sorting out all the hardware you’ve collected over the years, here is Steve Maxwell’s Bolts, Screws and More – A Reference.


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