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When Snow Sits on Your Roof, Do You Get Ice Dams?

ice dams still form with heated cables

When snow sits on your roof for days, you are vulnerable to ice dams. That’s because the snow can melt and if it’s unable to roll off your roof, it will refreeze at night when it gets cold. The problem gets worse as more snow melts and refreezes and eventually this forces water up under your roof shingles, and leaks happen.

Melting ice on your roof isn’t fun, and while icicles hanging from your roof present a safety hazard when they fall, they’re also a red flag warning that you’ve probably got bigger problems on your roof .

The problem is serious... 

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Designing Your Home’s Exterior

house-exterior-choices-and a shopping list to make it happen a4whoc

Picking home exterior design features like siding or a new roof can be challenging. You simply can’t try it on and look in the mirror, or maybe you can with this neat tool we found?

We recently found a really cool design tool that helps you try out different types of siding, along with colors for your roof, front door and more. From Plygem, a home building product manufacturer, offers this fun tool to experiment and discover the right exterior design for your home. Their goal is to help builders, remodelers and architects design, build and update homes with low-maintenance and... 

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When You Visit Your Unfinished Attic

Attic stairs make it easier to store things in the attic

A few lucky homeowners have finished their attics but most of our attics are unfinished. We use our attics to store things we don’t use very often like holiday decorations, baby gear and furniture we’re not using. The space doesn’t cost anything so we carry stuff up there all the time, often forgetting what’s there.

That’s why we wanted to give you some tips on how to store things safely and how to label things so you can find things quickly and safely. We also want to encourage you to inspect your attic for signs of problems each time you... 

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Gutters Will Save You Money

Gutters protect your home from water damage but they must be cleaned

New homes typically don’t come with gutters, shutters, sidewalks and other extras leaving the decision to the home buyer. Gutters are one of the more controversial features of a home. Many homeowners don’t understand the reasons behind installing gutters. More often, homeowners think they’re saving time and money because they don’t want to clean and maintain gutters, until they find themselves making repairs that could have been avoided. We should know as we’re the ones who get called to repair your wood rot!

Gutters Protect Your Home from Water

Your home’s exterior is like a raincoat protecting it from sun, wind and... 

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Umbrella’s and Staying Dry

Like an umbrella and raincoat, your home is protected from rain by the roof & siding

When it’s raining and you need to go out, you’re likely to pull out your raincoat or an umbrella. Just like an umbrella protects you from getting wet, the roof of your house directs the rain to the edges of the roof. Siding is like a raincoat providing a barrier so that water runs down the outside and doesn’t let the inside of your home get wet.

Keeping your home dry should be your second home maintenance priority, following safety which is always number one. Why? Because so much water damage can happen where you can’t see it, causing structural damage... 

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Vinyl Siding: Pros and Cons

For more than 20 years, Remodeling Magazine has surveyed the cost of various remodeling projects compared to the projected value (higher price) when the home is sold. For more than 5 years, vinyl siding has appeared among the top 10 projects and this year was no exception. In the Cost vs Value Remodeling Report 2008-2009, the projected value for installing replacement siding was:

Cost of vinyl siding $10,256 expected to recover 80.7% Foam backed siding $12,528 and should recover 80.4%

Vinyl siding is growing in popularity and is now the #1 choice for siding a home. Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride... 

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Keeping Dry Without an Umbrella

We all know an umbrella helps us stay dry and most materials our homes are built from are waterproof. You probably remember when a cold stream of water ran down your neck and the same thing can happen to your home. Water can get inside when it’s able to find gaps where materials meet, like your chimney and roof or where the deck attaches to your home. That’s why flashing is so critical to keeping your home water tight.

Flashing refers to the material used to covers seams and direct water towards the ground, on the outside of your home. Flashing... 

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How Mr. Handyman Can Save You Money

Lots of home owners are more comfortable getting what they consider to be a “fixed price” estimate, and yes customers believe an estimate = fixed price? Mr Handyman owners across the US have a forum for sharing stories and providing advice. Someone said this was s story worth sharing, so I hope you enjoy it.

When is Time & Materials Cheaper?

Gutters Protect Your Home

A customer called on Wednesday last week because he needed a section of gutter added to his house. He explained it would be tricky because it would come straight down, make a 90 degree bend, and then... 

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Water Damage: Front Doors and Splashback (Part 5)

Front Door Splash Back

Front doors play an important role in the curb appeal of your home. They reflect the personality of the house, along with the family that lives there.

The challenge for us today is we rarely use our front doors. They are a legacy from the days when homes lined streets and we entered a house from the street or sidewalk. Now we have cars, driveways and garages. We’re much more likely to enter our homes from a side or back door.

Why does it matter what door we use?

It matters because any exterior door is likely to experience... 

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Home Inspections: Even New Homes Need An Inspection

One of the challenges of owning a handyman business is dealing with a home owner’s anger over builder short cuts that cost money to upgrade or repair, sometimes when the home is just a few years old.  I’m working on an estimate for some quick repairs, for an out-of-town landlord who now wants to sell the home. They fortunately recognize that they didn’t know a lot when they bought their first home. That’s why:

EVERY home purchase should include a home inspection, including new construction. Inspect and repair problems immediately as damage will expand and costs will grow exponentially if left unchecked.

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