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15 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

As winter approaches we wonder how cold it will get, how much snow we’ll have to shovel and how high the heating bill will be. Fortunately oil prices seem to be holding steady this year which is a good thing for those heating with oil, compared to fairly steep increases last year. For anyone who wants to track home heating fuel prices, here’s what the U.S. Energy Information Administration has on their website.

Natural Gas: $11.33 per 1,000 cubic feet. Heating Oil: $3.63 per gallon. Electricity: 12.00 cents per kilowatt hour.

But you probably don’t really understand what these prices mean to your budget... 

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Shopping for Green Products

lots of discussion about green products

Everyone’s talking about green products but what are they really? The concept is pretty simple – if we make more conscious decisions and consider the impact of our decisions, we can reduce (or eliminate where possible) our impact on the environment. The impact varies from using less energy, less water fewer pollutants and greater availability of natural resources that can be replenished quickly.

When we build green homes and live green lifestyles, we’re reducing the impact we have on the environment so our children, and our children’s children will have a better world to live in.

It’s hard when we’re at the... 

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Why Home Envelopes Promote Energy Savings

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Energy savings is an important part of saving money, and many home improvements can generate incredible energy savings that lower monthly utility bills. When we think about saving energy at home, most people assume we’re talking about things inside the house.

This article instead, talks about the barriers or envelopes that separate a home’s interior from the outdoors, and the benefits these barriers provide in the form of energy savings, an airtight home that’s more comfortable and less damage due to water penetration.


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