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Hard Surface Flooring, A Simple Guide

floor coverings are a great home improvement

When thinking about hard-surface floor coverings there are many different materials to consider, not to mention colors and patterns! Flooring is such a big investment, you want make sure you take your time and make the right choice for your home and family. Initial cost is a consideration, but you must also consider how easy the floor will be to maintain in the long run. This will help you decide whether the flooring you want is the best choice for the room where it will be installed.  

It would be difficult to list the numerous hard-surface floor coverings out there.... 

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Switching to New CFL and LED Lights

converting from incandescent watts to CFL & LED lumen light bulbs

A while back we wrote about laws that would require everyone to switch from old fashion, incandescent light bulbs to new CFL or LED light bulbs. The stores are full of these new light bulbs and there are charts to help you decide which ones to buy. The problem is when you get home, and finally have to grab one of the new light bulbs to replace a 60 or 100 watt incandescent bulb, you might not remember which one to pick. That’s why we figured it was time to give everyone a simple reference chart, so if you’re... 

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Energy Efficient Lighting Facts & Figures

new CFLs work in existing light fixtures

Energy efficient lighting is replacing traditional lighting, which is fading away so in a few years it will be hard to find the traditional, incandescent light bulbs we grew up with. We’ve made the same, possibly more dramatic shift with telephones, where many homes no longer have a traditional phone plugged into the wall, or a “land line” of any kind.

It’s best to keep an open mind to learning about new technology, and that’s probably the most important message. New building materials, technologies and products are coming on the market and we’ve got to take time to learn about them... 

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Add More Natural Light in Your House

lots of windows bring natural light indoors

When buying a house, you first notice the exterior curb appeal and windows are certainly part of your home’s exterior appeal. These same windows play a far more important role inside your home, bringing natural light indoors and enabling the exchange of indoor air with fresh air from outside. Homeowners often don’t recognize the importance of natural light because it’s not an object you see when you walk indoors – you don’t see sunlight the way you notice walls, windows or furniture.

General lighting sets a mood and creates an impression of the space you’re in. Maybe that’s why we prefer... 

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What are the Pros and Cons of Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring has become popular in recent years as an eco-friendly alternative in home building and remodeling.  It’s been touted as sustainable, natural, and comfortable.  So what’s the real deal on cork?

Cork used in flooring for commercial and residential purposes comes from the bark of cork trees, which naturally shed bark, although cork flooring material is hand-harvested from the trees.  Cork oak trees, found mostly in Southern Europe in Western Mediterranean countries, are protected by harvesting regulations to save the trees, which live for up to 500 years.   Since the tree is not destroyed in the harvesting process, that means... 

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Installing Bathroom Tile: Easy or Not?

Bathroom Tile Installation

Bathroom tile projects might seem like the perfect place for a novice to get some practice installing tile? Be careful before you start something you can’t finish because bathrooms are small but more difficult for many projects like painting and tile. That’s because there are so many objects requiring you to cut around – faucets in the bathtub or shower, behind the toilet and the floor around the toilet and vanity. Here are some tips for ambitious homeowners and don’t forget, we’re just a phone call away if you get stuck and want help.

Bathroom Tile Tips

Find a balance between the... 

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Tips for Installing Tile Floors

Floor tile is great for bathrooms, and you can have lots of fun with the color and design of the tile floor

Tile floors are beautiful although you’re usually looking at them from a standing or sitting position, not laying on the floor like this photo view. It was fun to bring you down low as tile floors are installed by hand, and this is the view that the installer sees when laying each and every tile although the grout gets added at the very end.

There are lots of tips to designing and installing a tile floor, with some surprises for the novice. If you’ve been considering tiling a floor in your home, this article is for you.

Design Tips for a Tile... 

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Picking the Best Products for Your Home

Many home owners only use cell phones today

In school we had to do research, write papers and more as that’s the life of a student. Hopefully most home owners have fond memories of school after a few years and realize that life is a journey and we’re always learning something new. Few of today’s home owners know much about home maintenance which is why I’m writing this blog, to help you learn more about making the right decisions for your home and family.

The world today looks nothing like the one we grew up in. Just think about all the electronic gadgets surrounding us. It’s hard to remember... 

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Home Consultant? Call Mr Handyman

eNewsletters Building Relationships

My newsletter went out yesterday (sign up link >>), and one of my customers sent this email earlier today.

“My husband and I reached an impasse when he said he  wanted tile for the kitchen floor and I want cork. He doesn’t stand on it to the extent I do. Our kitchen floor is on a concrete slab, and the color scheme is black-and-white.  I think we need new eyes on the subject.

I’d like to preface the project by saying I’d like someone as local as possible. When we had our cabinets refaced, Home Depot... 

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Hardwood Flooring that Works for You

Installing the Laminate

Hardwood floors have been a tradition in American homes for many years and it’s one of the most popular features people look for when buying a home. .

What happens when you buy a home that doesn’t have the hardwood floors you dreamed of. Most people think they’ll simply install them after they close on the house, and preferably before they more in. It’s not that easy so it’s wise to do your research up front and determine how much you can afford to spend on new flooring. Maybe you really want hardwood floors and are willing ot scale back the... 

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