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Does Your Home Need Any of These Wood Rot Repairs

wood rot is a common home repair

Everyone knows we’re getting lots more rain and snow than normal. Hopefully your house is watertight and none of the water has gotten inside your home. Because when water gets inside a house and doesn’t have a way to escape, you’re likely to get wood rot and that’s never good.

The worst part about wood rot is that it gets worse, year after year, so the sooner you find and make needed repairs, the less costly it will be.

So first you might want to understand how this happens.¬†Wood rot is caused by wood destroying fungi that break down the wood cells... 

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Hidden Doors For Fun & Function

hidden doors to different living spaces

Hidden doors aren’t something you look for when buying a home but they can be fun and practical if you’re looking for more storage or need to change access to a room. Someone showed me a door that’s also a bookcase, and when the door is closed you don’t even know it’s there.

In fact I found a lot of interesting hidden doors on this Pinterest page so I thought it would be fun to share a few door ideas with you, and then you can explore further to see if there’s a special door that will fit some need in... 

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Window Problems: Repair or Replace

window problems are sometimes easy to fix

Window problems are common in any home. We thought it would be helpful if we reviewed the most common window problems to help you find and fix them, sooner rather than later. Why? By fixing these problems you can lower your heating or cooling bills, or reduce repair costs as today’s window problems might require replacing a windows if you delay.

Deciding to Repair or Replace a Window

The cost of replacement windows varies widely so you might be tempted to replace one or more windows rather than repair them. Here are things to consider when making that decision:

Window quality – as... 

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Not Your Standard Windows

kitchen skylight for natural sunlight

For several years there has been lots of focus on upgrading your home with new windows for energy efficiency, with double or triple pane windows. If you’ve already updated all your windows, congratulations and save these tips for a future home.¬† The federal tax credits helped fuel this trend to motivate construction spending during a sluggish economy, and to prepare for rising energy costs.

Another reason for upgrading one or more windows is to bring more natural sunlight into your home. While it might not be as simple as taking out an old appliance and sliding the new one in, you... 

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Windows: Repair, Replace, Other Choices?

Windows need inspection & repairs on an ongoing basis to keep them airtight

Do you have a favorite room in the house? Curious if you also like spending time there at a certain time of day, and if your choice is based on sunlight streaming into the room to brighten your day? Windows are really one of today’s modern treasures as they let us visually enjoy natural sunlight and views of the area around our homes, they’re our eyes to the world beyond!

When people talk about curb appeal, they start with the front door but consider your windows — they have great visual impact on the overall appearance of your house so you... 

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Pick Your Perfect Storm Door

A storm door protects the door behind it

Storm doors are an important feature to add to your home. Today in fact, you will probably buy a combination storm and screen door which offers lots of advantages. Storm doors protect exterior doors from the weather, whether it’s sunlight, rain or debris during a storm. Storm doors also help save energy as they work like double pane windows, with the air between the doors reducing the loss of conditioned (heated or cooled) air.

Most of the storm doors you buy today come with screens so when the weather is nice, you can use the screen door to circulate fresh air... 

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Windows: How to Buy the Right Ones

Double hung windows are the most common window style

You’re likely seeing lots of advertising for replacement windows to save energy which means lower bills for heating/air conditioning. Newer windows are more energy efficient – we saw manufacturers jump through hoops in 2009 when they raised the bar for windows and doors to be eligible for the federal energy tax credits. Replacement windows are one of the top 5 remodeling projects every year (see Remodeling Trends Focusing on Lower Costs). We’ll add an article here soon with the latest data from the 2010 to 2011 Remodeling Cost vs Value survey.

There are several challenges though around the decision to replace... 

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Improving Window Efficiency

Window efficiency house

When rushing home from work, do you stop to look at your home the way a perspective buyer might? Maybe you have more time after dinner to relax, and hopefully you’re aware of your surroundings, what you like and maybe a few things you’d like to change.

Windows are a key component of your home but … do you have any idea how many windows you have? Close your eyes and try to count them. If you’re like me, you’ll end up walking around to count them. Yes, even I had to count my windows visually so I’d love to share... 

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Patio Doors to Special Places

We’re lucky to live today with massive amounts of glass that let us enjoy the outdoors year round. Patio doors are unique in the multiple roles they serve. They lead to decks and patios, now commonly called outdoor living spaces, we enjoy when the weather permits. Patio doors let us enjoy the same views from indoors and bring lots of sunlight into our homes year round.

Different Patio Door Styles

It’s amazing how many different names we have for building materials and features such as doors and windows. Why do we use the term “patio door” when... 

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We Have a New Dog and Now Need???

New Dog, Now What?

We’ve talked about tips for organizing all the kids paraphernalia for school, sports and other hobbies. Adding a pet brings new challenges to getting, and staying organized around the house. Mr Handyman is used to handling almost any type of request for normal home maintenance and repairs. We also get some unusual requests to assemble furniture, beds and skate ramps and some requests have to do with installing pet doors and building / expanding outdoor runs.

It’s amazing how quickly you’ll find dog items throughout your home so these tips are organized around the various activities you’ll... 

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