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Plants to Create a Healthy Home

green plants are perfect for interior decorating

In spring and summer lots of homeowners like you, are enjoying the fresh air outside while working in the yard, cleaning up and preparing garden beds, and thinking ahead to lots of fun activities that only happen during the summer.

At the same time, when you’re visiting your local nursery for new shrubs and flowers for the yard, take a few extra minutes to check out the indoor plants. These green plants are great for decorating your home plus they filter out unhealthy chemicals, to keep you healthy indoors. You can learn how airborne chemicals in our homes can make us sick... 

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Painting Projects: Picking the Right House Paint

get your interior paint at a paint store

When you start to get cabin fever towards the end of winter, it might be time to pick a room to paint and head to the store for just the right color and type of house paint. Interior painting is one of the best home improvement projects for homeowners who want to do it themselves. The 2012 US Interior Paint Satisfaction Survey says 82% of customers apply paint themselves rather than hiring a professional painter.

Paint manufacturers understand we like to paint our own homes. That’s why paint manufacturers, according to J.D. Power and Associates Reports that “… are making it easier... 

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Christmas Wreaths for Holiday Spirit

Christmas tradition hanging a wreath on your front door

Christmas wreaths are a tradition for many families, a way to brighten up your front door and share the holiday spirit with your neighbors. Christmas wreaths are also one of the easiest decorations to put up so when you’re short on time, or not comfortable on a ladder, they’re the perfect solution for adding holiday spirit to your home’s exterior.

In fact some homeowners like hanging different seasonal wreaths year round, to dress up their front door with a little color and it’s a lot eat easier than spending time in the garden on flowers that might only bloom for a... 

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Staying Safe This Holiday Season

staying safe this holiday season

Staying safe this holiday season is just as important as decorating your home and preparing great meals, so don’t take shortcuts. There’s nothing worse than nursing a twisted ankle back to health when you’d rather be preparing for and enjoying the holiday season.

When it comes to decorating your home, there aren’t any rules about how many decorations you need and if you’re worried about disappointing the kids, let each child choose their favorite decorations and while it may take longer with the kids helping, you’ll make more memories from this special family time picking out favorite decorations. And if you already... 

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Picking Paint Colors Isn’t Easy

paint colors galore but test the light where you'll be painting

As the days grow shorter and we realize we’ll be spending more time indoors, many homeowners think about ways to make their homes more livable. Painting is one of the easiest tools you have to give different rooms in your home a fresh look.

What you might not realize though, is the relationship between the paint colors you pick and the lighting in the room. That’s why it’s good to audition paint colors in your home. You want to see how the color will look in the morning, mid-day and late afternoon sunlight, as well as artificial lighting. It gets especially tricky... 

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Holiday Decorating Tips

We love decorating our homes for the holidays

The holidays can be exciting, exhausting and overwhelming all at once. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to decorate, cook and entertain friends and family so … I hope you’re also setting aside time to enjoy the holidays yourself.

This article offers ideas on how you can save time putting up holiday decorations, as we all try to squeeze more into our days than is realistic. Our tips also focus on saving money by using what you already own. This will save you shopping time and it won’t be as difficult to put away all your holiday decorations  once... 

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Dining Room Ready for the Holidays?

Dining rooms are used more often during the holidays

Are you ready for the holidays? Are you hoping to install the new light fixtures you bought 2 years ago, and wondering where exactly you hid them? Go ahead and laugh as we hear this all the time from our customers, that they bought something and somehow it never got installed.

Light fixtures, a new counter top, new flooring are among the many things homeowners try to get done to update their homes for the holidays. That’s when we have more guests for family meals, neighborhood gatherings and while we sometimes tire of the whirlwind calendar, it’s fun and it makes... 

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Festive Holiday Table Settings

Simple tips to make your holiday table look festive

A friend and decorator was visiting New York City so I asked her to take some holiday photos for me. It’s fun writing about all the things we need to do to take care of our homes, but it’s also important to take time to enjoy our homes. Here are some fun photos along with tips on how to inexpensively decorate your table for holiday entertaining … or just to enjoy the time you spend at home relaxing.

Clockwise starting with the top, left photo …

Pick a color and have fun filling the odd assortment of glass vases we all have... 

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Beautiful Kitchens All Year Long

People spend so much time in the kitchen it makes sense to have lots of comfortable seating, that can also be colorful & decorative

Kitchens are the most important room in any house. When we design kitchens though, we focus on the activities that take place in the kitchen, from cooking and baking to family meals, homework and bill paying.

During the holidays we love decorating our homes. It’s the time of year where we do more entertaining at home with family dinners and parties so we can enjoy the holiday spirit with our friends and neighbors.

The question then is why not decorate our kitchens for enjoyment all year round, so we decided to get really creative and look at all the ways to decorate... 

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Getting Organized in the Kitchen

Here's a simple, yet furniture quality file box to sort and manage all the paperwork that flows through your kitchen.

We spend more time in the kitchen around the holidays. Whether we’re baking cookies or preparing a Thanksgiving feast for our family, there’s a lot that happens in the kitchen this time of year. With that in mind … and knowing my significant other will ask for some help getting organized, here are some fun products that can help you stay organized all year round.

Open Shelving

Shelving is a great solution for the items you use all the time. Shown here is a collection of Pottery Barn’s spices, tea bags and cups. They have a wide assortment of stainless... 

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