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2013 Remodeling Trends

Attic bedrooms is a cost effective, home remodeling project ( came out with their 2013 Cost vs Value report in January, so we wanted to give you an update. The big news is homeowner confidence is up, and that’s reflected by rising home prices and a corresponding uptick in the returns you should get for home improvements you make to your house. All 35 projects included in the report had higher Return on Investment (ROI) that the previous year.

Similar to previous years, the exterior renovations (windows, doors, siding and roofing) are at the top of the list with respect to ROI, taking 7 of the top 10 positions. This... 

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Remodeling Bathrooms: Paper or Pinterest?

remodeling bathrooms using pinterest

Remodeling bathrooms often starts with homeowners pulling out a folder or binder with lots of magazine pages they’ve collected for year. We ask them to explain what they see in each photo and we explain what each requirement might cost, i.e. which items may require moving walls, reinforcing floors, etc.

It’s important for homeowners to consider installation and product/material costs when prioritizing requirements to come up with a realistic remodeling project. Pinterest provides an alternative to this paper approach. It allows homeowner to collect and organize their ideas online, and be able to visually see and share the things they want... 

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Your Bathroom Ideas Can Become Reality

Luxurious bathrooms for relaxing

How long have you been dreaming about a new bathroom? You probably have been collecting bathroom ideas longer than you realize, especially if you get lots of home magazines and catalogs or watch HGTV.  Many homeowners who haven’t completed a large remodeling project are intimidated by tackling something this large and it’s common to have a (healthy) fear of the unknown.

By taking time to plan your bathroom remodeling project, you will be able to turn your bathroom ideas into reality, with a budget you’re comfortable with. Your bathroom ideas come from a lot of places – the web, books and catalogs,... 

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Warm & Dry Bathrooms

Keep your bathroom warm and dry

Ever wonder what is was like a hundred years ago when homes didn’t have central heat or plumbing? These remain a luxury item for millions of people around the world while most Americans are able to take a nice, hot shower (or bath) every day.

Our bathrooms take good care of us, so we should take a few minutes to consider the care our bathrooms need from us. We make lots of short trips to the bathroom so this room gets more wear and tear than any other room in our house. Your bathroom has lots of moving parts – the... 

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Bathrooms, Bathtubs and Showers

Japanese soaking tubs are one choice for a different style bathtub

We’re all lead pretty busy lives so unless you’re a lover of bubble baths, chances are you take showers and the bathtub in your master bathroom rarely gets used. As homeowners start to plan a remodel of this bathroom then, the big question is whether you can take the bathtub out to free up space for a large, spacious shower?

You’ve probably got another bathtub in the hall bathroom so the kids will always have a bathtub. Americans though are still reluctant to remove the master bathtub in fear that it will make it more difficult to sell their home. Unfortunately... 

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Installing Bathroom Tile: Easy or Not?

Bathroom Tile Installation

Bathroom tile projects might seem like the perfect place for a novice to get some practice installing tile? Be careful before you start something you can’t finish because bathrooms are small but more difficult for many projects like painting and tile. That’s because there are so many objects requiring you to cut around – faucets in the bathtub or shower, behind the toilet and the floor around the toilet and vanity. Here are some tips for ambitious homeowners and don’t forget, we’re just a phone call away if you get stuck and want help.

Bathroom Tile Tips

Find a balance between the... 

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Replacing Washing Machine Hoses

Buying a new washing machine is fun but pay careful attention to how it's installed

Washing machine hoses? Just as important as picking the right (energy efficient) washing machine, is making sure your new washer is installed and maintained properly.

We get interesting questions from our customers and many of them are things every homeowner should know, so we wanted to share this advice with you.

A recent email from a customer asked if she should replace the rubber hoses to her washing machine to avoid dry rotting, as someone had recommended. She also asked about the right type of metal hose to use … so here’s the answer, and if you’re not comfortable making this... 

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Why Did My Water Pipe Freeze?

frozen water pipe

Water temperatures drop, water freezes it expands and in a pipe it might burst the pipe depending on the amount of pressure. When plumbing pipes burst, water escapes and goes in many directions with a good chance there will be serious damage and repairs. The worst case is when the pipe bursts inside a wall, where you can hear it but can’t see it. That’s when you need to shut your water off as quickly as possible so if you don’t already know how to shut your water off, read Home Emergencies: Shutting Off Your Water here on our blog.


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Technology to Try Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

From web design, to all fixtures needed for a bathroom remodel shipped in one box

Many homeowners want to update their bathroom but have no idea how to get started. Here is a really cool website that makes the process really simple. The website is a great tool for many reasons:

On the company website, you audition different designs with a wide range of vanities, mirrors, lighting, different wall and floor colors, decorative trim like crown molding and … you get the idea. Even better, you can order everything online from one place, Guess what … everything arrives together so no running around to various stores, collecting fixtures for months before you’re ready to start the project. This... 

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Tips for Installing Tile Floors

Floor tile is great for bathrooms, and you can have lots of fun with the color and design of the tile floor

Tile floors are beautiful although you’re usually looking at them from a standing or sitting position, not laying on the floor like this photo view. It was fun to bring you down low as tile floors are installed by hand, and this is the view that the installer sees when laying each and every tile although the grout gets added at the very end.

There are lots of tips to designing and installing a tile floor, with some surprises for the novice. If you’ve been considering tiling a floor in your home, this article is for you.

Design Tips for a Tile... 

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