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Protecting Floors with Mats & Shoe Storage

floor mats help protect your home's floors

Have you protected your floors from the elements and the wear tear of foot traffic? There are several mats and shoe storage solutions that can extend the life of the floors in your entryway. Which solution is best for you will depend on where you live and how much traffic travels through your door from both two footed creatures and four footed creatures.

Along with protecting your floors, mats and shoe cubbies can also improve the safety of your entryway.  Floor mats absorb water and debris, reducing the risk of slips and falls.  The same is true for having a bench... 

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Organize The Attic Now, 4 Tips to Get Started

Organize your attic with shelves built from regular lumber

It’s time to organize the attic, and what better way to get some exercise on a cold winter day. An organized attic can save you time when searching for things, and also save you money as too often we’ll buy a duplicate of what we own because we can’t find it.  So why not take time to organize things now and save yourself headaches later. 

Start Organizing The Attic Today

There’s no better time to start than right now. Start by sorting through the stored items and make three piles, keep, toss and donate. Keep the important items, but, if you can’t... 

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Organizing Your Mudroom

mudrooms are where we enter a house

Most people don’t use their front doors on a daily basis. They use a side door or leave through the garage and on the way out, many pass through a room known as the mudroom. The original reason for mudrooms was to remove boots or shoes, so you didn’t track dirt and … mud, into the house.

Today we’ve expanded the role of a mudroom to store all sorts of things we don’t need while we’re in the house, but will want the next time we leave for school, work or a sports even like hockey.

This article helps you identify all... 

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Create a kids homework space in your home for your elementary students

Kids homework in early grades still gets the thumbs up from education and children’s development specialists as a critical way to help kids learn to prioritize, be self-disciplined, and learn independence.  This makes providing a workstation for kids homework, essential to both children’s success in school and parental sanity.

But where in your home does this study area belong and how can you make it effective and organized?  For older students in middle and high school, often their bedroom is the best place provided you’ve established some internet rules and blocks.  But younger children require more parental supervision and assistance, and... 

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