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Energy Efficient Lighting Facts & Figures

new CFLs work in existing light fixtures

Energy efficient lighting is replacing traditional lighting, which is fading away so in a few years it will be hard to find the traditional, incandescent light bulbs we grew up with. We’ve made the same, possibly more dramatic shift with telephones, where many homes no longer have a traditional phone plugged into the wall, or a “land line” of any kind.

It’s best to keep an open mind to learning about new technology, and that’s probably the most important message. New building materials, technologies and products are coming on the market and we’ve got to take time to learn about them... 

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Add More Natural Light in Your House

lots of windows bring natural light indoors

When buying a house, you first notice the exterior curb appeal and windows are certainly part of your home’s exterior appeal. These same windows play a far more important role inside your home, bringing natural light indoors and enabling the exchange of indoor air with fresh air from outside. Homeowners often don’t recognize the importance of natural light because it’s not an object you see when you walk indoors – you don’t see sunlight the way you notice walls, windows or furniture.

General lighting sets a mood and creates an impression of the space you’re in. Maybe that’s why we prefer... 

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Ceiling Fans: Nostalgia or Energy Savings?

The first rule when buying a home is location. The second rule is … you don’t want to own the most expensive home in the neighborhood so you need to consider which features are most important to you. As you consider extra features, you also want to balance those that enhance atmosphere and those that provide functionality or cost savings.

Ceiling Fans Can Save You Money

In moderate climates, ceiling fans are an alternative to air conditioning. Where air conditioning is required, ceiling fans can reduce the number of months when you need to run the air conditioner … and ceiling fans... 

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