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Fun Projects to Spruce Up Your Yard

home features to spruce up your yard

We can spend a lot of time cleaning up the yard after a long winter, pruning trees and shrubs, laying down mulch and so much more. At the end it’s always nice to have a fun project, so we thought it would be fun to share these ideas with you.

We’ll start at the street the way visitors or prospective home buyers might view your house. That’s a good perspective to keep in mind when trying to decide which home improvements to make. Of course they should all be ones you’ll enjoy, but why not pick ones that will also pay... 

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Fencing for Pets, Privacy & More

pick your fencing for the right reason

When we go outdoors, our views change as we’re now able to see 360 degrees around us. Most of the time we like what we’re able to see but sometimes we would rather not see our neighbors trash, or would like more privacy when we’re relaxing on our back deck.

A common misconception is when you install a fence, it has to enclose a space and have a gate. That simply isn’t true as fencing can also be used for decoration and privacy. That’s why we wanted to share the many ways we’ve found homeowners using fencing.

Here are fence ideas we... 

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Landscape Design & Picking Your Shrubs

Plant hardiness map gives you average temperatures

Each spring we think about getting out in the garden, weeding and pruning what’s there. We re-evaluate our landscape design and wonder what types of shrubs we should add, or maybe new flowers for more color. This is more important when we find older plants that didn’t survive the winter, and there’s always the question of which plants to buy?

Ideally, we want plants that look great in our overall landscape design. Even better is when we find shrubs that require little or no maintenance but finding them can be a challenge. For those who aren’t dedicated gardeners, you may find... 

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Mailboxes & Flower Boxes for Curbside Appeal

When you think about doing things around your home, they often feel big, overwhelming and expensive. That’s why we wanted to share ideas for some of the smaller features you can add to your home that won’t break the bank and because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll share our ideas with photos. Some of these we’ve installed for home owners, and others are ideas we think you’ll enjoy.


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What’s in Your Backyard?

Each of us has a different visual picture of a backyard, based on our childhood home, the house where we live today or maybe there’s a dream landscape you drive by on the way to work? Backyards can be small or large with multiple acres. There are no rules about how much of the yard should be landscaped versus natural, open panoramas or small, intimate spaces for family dinners, and more.

Before you take stock of what is in your backyard, why not dream about the things you like or want to do in your backyard. One family might want frequent... 

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What Kind of Fence Do You Like?

Fencing might seem like a basic home feature like shutters. Shutters are easy though as they always go next to your windows, so decisions are about color and style. Fencing on the other hand is a much more emotional decision. A fence is often installed around your backyard so you won’t have to worry about the kids or pets wandering, and that will help you decide where to place the fence. Many times, fencing is used along property lines, or for privacy.  Sometimes fencing is more decorative, i.e. wrapping the corners of your driveway.

Endless Fencing Choices

The challenge with picking your... 

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