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Pro Tips for Adding Color To Brighten Your Home

sometimes white is perfect for adding color to a room, making other colors pop

Adding color to a room can be just the thing to brighten things up during the shorter days of winter.  Many people stick to neutral colors for fear of picking the “wrong” color.  It doesn’t take much work to find a color that will add pizazz to your room without overwhelming it.

A fresh coat of white paint can enliven any space, but we’re going to show you how to add a pop of color to your house to brighten things up. You can do the work or you can hire a handyman to complete these updates. Most of theses projects... 

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Paint Color: Help Finding that Perfect Color

Color can be a huge challenge for home owners. You might know that you like warm (orange, red) colors more than cool (green, blue) colors but there are thousands of choices in any one of these colors, i.e. each paint brand has more than 200 whites to pick from so how do you decide?

Selecting Paint Colors

Sometimes you’re lucky and you’ll fall in love with a color that a friend has used in their home, and you get their paint information. More often you’ll try one shade of blue, another and if you’re lucky by the third try you like... 

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