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Remodeling Bathrooms: Paper or Pinterest?

remodeling bathrooms using pinterest

Remodeling bathrooms often starts with homeowners pulling out a folder or binder with lots of magazine pages they’ve collected for year. We ask them to explain what they see in each photo and we explain what each requirement might cost, i.e. which items may require moving walls, reinforcing floors, etc.

It’s important for homeowners to consider installation and product/material costs when prioritizing requirements to come up with a realistic remodeling project. Pinterest provides an alternative to this paper approach. It allows homeowner to collect and organize their ideas online, and be able to visually see and share the things they want... 

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Your Bathroom Ideas Can Become Reality

Luxurious bathrooms for relaxing

How long have you been dreaming about a new bathroom? You probably have been collecting bathroom ideas longer than you realize, especially if you get lots of home magazines and catalogs or watch HGTV.  Many homeowners who haven’t completed a large remodeling project are intimidated by tackling something this large and it’s common to have a (healthy) fear of the unknown.

By taking time to plan your bathroom remodeling project, you will be able to turn your bathroom ideas into reality, with a budget you’re comfortable with. Your bathroom ideas come from a lot of places – the web, books and catalogs,... 

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Bathroom Remodeling: Cost vs Value

Bathroom remodels are popular from painting to bathtubs and showers

Remodeling a bathroom is different for every home owner, as we have different lifestyles and needs. For some people making over their bathroom might mean a fresh coat of paint and new towels. For another home owner it could involve taking the walls down to the studs and rebuilding a dream bathroom with a walk-in shower, tile surround and marble floors.

You get to decide how much you want to spend on your bathroom remodel and some research will help you pick the most appropriate features, ones that fit your lifestyle and give you the highest payback when it’s time to... 

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Technology to Try Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

From web design, to all fixtures needed for a bathroom remodel shipped in one box

Many homeowners want to update their bathroom but have no idea how to get started. Here is a really cool website that makes the process really simple. The website is a great tool for many reasons:

On the company website, you audition different designs with a wide range of vanities, mirrors, lighting, different wall and floor colors, decorative trim like crown molding and … you get the idea. Even better, you can order everything online from one place, Guess what … everything arrives together so no running around to various stores, collecting fixtures for months before you’re ready to start the project. This... 

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Affordable Small Bathroom Updates

Every home owner has a bathroom that is too small, for one or more reasons. When time and budget permit you to update this room, take time planning out the space in order to create a bathroom that is more functional, along with the look and feel you want to create.

Tips to Plan Your Small Bathroom Update

Every bathroom has a sink and toilet but often there isn’t enough storage space to keep toiletries, towels and other personal belongings. The challenge is creating more more visual space, more storage capacity and at the same time maximizing the bathroom’s functionality. If you... 

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