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Organize The Attic Now, 4 Tips to Get Started

Organize your attic with shelves built from regular lumber

It’s time to organize the attic, and what better way to get some exercise on a cold winter day. An organized attic can save you time when searching for things, and also save you money as too often we’ll buy a duplicate of what we own because we can’t find it.  So why not take time to organize things now and save yourself headaches later. 

Start Organizing The Attic Today

There’s no better time to start than right now. Start by sorting through the stored items and make three piles, keep, toss and donate. Keep the important items, but, if you can’t... 

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Building a Garage Addition: A Smart Investment?

building a garage addition provides more space but it

Building a garage addition can be an expensive home addition project. Building a garage addition might be cheaper than other home additions but the question is whether the value justifies the cost, for space that will only be used to store cars and/or stuff.

The latest American Housing Survey (2009) showed that 66% of homes have a garage or carport. This number might be skewed by new construction because most new homes include a garage, where costs for excavation, foundation, framing and roofing are shared across the entire house. When building a garage addition, the new structure must bear all these... 

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