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Home Repairs: Reasons to Call a Handyman

home repairs often mean getting on a ladder

Homeowners might tackle home repairs two or three times a year and that’s great. A handyman is doing home repairs around 200 days a year, which is why they’ve got the tools and experience to get things done quickly and with quality.

If you buy a new home, your builder’s warranty should cover repairs during the first year but after that you’re like every other owner, responsible for home maintenance and … sadly, your house doesn’t come with an owners manual.

Most homeowners don’t enjoy doing home repairs, and we understand that often it’s as simple as not enough time. There are... 

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15 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

As winter approaches we wonder how cold it will get, how much snow we’ll have to shovel and how high the heating bill will be. Fortunately oil prices seem to be holding steady this year which is a good thing for those heating with oil, compared to fairly steep increases last year. For anyone who wants to track home heating fuel prices, here’s what the U.S. Energy Information Administration has on their website.

Natural Gas: $11.33 per 1,000 cubic feet. Heating Oil: $3.63 per gallon. Electricity: 12.00 cents per kilowatt hour.

But you probably don’t really understand what these prices mean to your budget... 

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Emergency Preparedness Month & Home Emergency Plans

a home emergency plan will help you weather most emergencies

It seems like there’s a new weather related emergency every week and sure enough, as I’m writing this article … CNN is reporting that Hurricane Manuel hit Mexico’s Pacific coast, dumping too much rain and now there are mudslides. For many people these stories might not seem real, as they’re in another state or across the country. In reality, these types of weather emergencies are touching every state in the U.S.

Don’t think you’ll have an emergency in your community? Here’s a map from that says you, along with everyone else in the country, needs to prepare for an emergency arriving... 

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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

fall maintenance includes cleaning gutters

The leaves are starting to turn color which means it’s time to plan your fall maintenance strategy. We know you’re busy now, and life gets busier as the holidays approach. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan how you want to tackle your fall maintenance chores before winter arrives.

Remember that home maintenance is preventive just like going to the doctor for your annual checkup. When you focus on home maintenance you’re saving money because you’re reducing the need for repairs and extending the life of many home features which cost money and time to replace.

Fall Maintenance – What to Inspect... 

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Drywall Repair Challenges

Drywall repair is something every homeowner has to deal with sooner or later. It might be more cosmetic and therefore less critical than other home repairs, but you ultimately need to repair drywall problems for peace of mind and selling your home.

The challenge then is whether you want to do these repairs yourself or call your local handyman. The steps you take when doing drywall repair are individually simple. It’s knowing the tools, materials and how each step builds on those before, along with attention to detail, that will get your walls and ceiling looking like new.

As homeowners you don’t... 

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Time for Caulking Windows & Doors?

caulking windows keeps water out

Most homeowners think about sinks and bathtubs when they hear someone talk about caulking. You might not realize caulking windows and doors is a great way to stop drafts in your home. It’s more common to leave exterior caulking to when you paint your home but reviewing and replacing exterior caulking to reduce your winter heating bills can be done at anytime.

We’ll use caulking windows to explain why caulking is important and then summarize other areas of your home’s where caulking can help stop air and water from entering your home.

How Caulking Windows Works

Think of your home’s exterior walls like... 

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Take Care When Digging a Hole

digging a hole is fun & work when it's for home repairs

You’re ready to plant some new shrubs in your backyard when a neighbor walks over and asks if you’ve checked to see where the utility lines are? You don’t know what he’s talking about – it’s your yard, and you assume you can do anything you want there but you’re wrong.

Digging that hole is not as simple as digging sand at the beach. You may own your property and control what happens above ground but utility companies have buried pipes and lines underneath your land. The lines are already there and you don’t want to damage them as you might end... 

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Home Maintenance Can Save You Money

home maintenance requires the right tools & materials

Home maintenance isn’t as much fun as gardening or playing golf, but it’s important for homeowners to protect their investment in their home. What we all lack is enough time to have fun and relax, so maybe it’s time to hire a handyman to come quarterly and take care of your punchlist, much the way a cleaning service helps you keep your home clean.

We might be biased but we don’t understand why everyone things paying someone to clean is a great idea, but they’d rather do their own home maintenance? Your handyman will bring the right tools and basic materials... 

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Tops 12 Wood Rot Problems You Want to Fix Now!

wood rot can happen anywhere there's wood (food) and moisture

You’re sitting on your deck and happen to notice a few wood shavings in the corner and go over to see what’s going on. You probe with your finger and realize the wood is squishy, rotting and more of the crumbly stuff lands on the deck. Now you’re wondering what’s going on and what you should do?

Why Wood Rot Happens

Wood rot happens when 2 conditions exist – moisture levels reach/exceed 20 percent and where there is a food source (wood) for wood destroying fungi to grow. The average moisture content of building lumber ranges from 12 to 15% and heating... 

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Try a Trellis to Decorate Your House

tall trellis compliments building height

Sometimes you just want to change the way a room looks, and once in a while you also want to change how your house looks outdoors. Trellises are a great way to add something special, and they’re a lot less expensive than a full set of shutters for your house (or even the side of the house facing the street).

So we thought we’d share some ideas of how you can use one or multiple trellises or similar materials to update the landscaping around your home. There are many more ideas than we can possibly share, so here are those we... 

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