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When buying a house, you are used to considering things like the size of the house you want, where you want it to be, how many bedrooms, bathrooms etc. But there are bigger issues to consider. You can change many things about a home after you buy it, but, there are facets that once you’ve purchased the house, you are stuck with. It’s crucial to get these factors right when buying your forever home., surveyed 1,500 realtors who are members of their online community. They work with home buyers and sellers every day, so they know first hand what’s important.¬†For first time home buyers, recognizing these important factors can be challenging. That’s why we wanted to share their infographic with you.

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Must Haves For Your Forever Home

What the first thing you think of when buying a house? Location, location and location. Amazing views and the quality of your neighborhood ranked slightly higher on this survey than the perennial favorite good schools.

This survey shows people are spending more time at home. They understand that living in their forever home, means these features will enable them to enjoy their home more. This trend can also be seen in home improvements that create outdoor living spaces. To learn more, here’s an article on the Top 10 Features for Outdoor Living Spaces.

  • Amazing views 69%
  • Neighborhood quality 69%
  • Great schools 66%
  • Backs up to green space 50%
  • Large yard 30%
  • Corner lot 12%

Improvements That Make A House Your Forever Home

neighborhoods are important to picking your forever home

Although many home buyers want to buy a house that is move in ready,¬†compromise is always part of the decision process. It’s crucial to separate your list of must haves — things you can change after you move in … and things you can’t change.

  • New roof 66%
  • Outside living space 48%
  • Granite counter tops 39%
  • Extra storage space 37%
  • Nicely finished closets 20%
  • Mud room 14%

The items on this list focus on how your home looks, with the exception of the new roof which might not be optional. It makes sense to live in a house for 3 to 6 months and learn what’s working and what’s not. That way you’ll be able to prioritize where to invest your home improvement dollars as you create your forever home.

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