Pro Tips for Adding Color To Brighten Your Home

sometimes white is perfect for adding color to a room, making other colors popAdding color to a room can be just the thing to brighten things up during the shorter days of winter.  Many people stick to neutral colors for fear of picking the “wrong” color.  It doesn’t take much work to find a color that will add pizazz to your room without overwhelming it.

A fresh coat of white paint can enliven any space, but we’re going to show you how to add a pop of color to your house to brighten things up. You can do the work or you can hire a handyman to complete these updates. Most of theses projects are affordable and can be completed is a weekend.

Different Methods For Adding Color at Home

Not at the point where you feel comfortable picking colors for your rooms? Have no fear, there are many ways to practice and build confidence when adding color to your home. You could hire an interior decorator to come to your home for a color consultation. An interior decorator will look at the furniture and rugs you already own as well as evaluate your lighting.

You can paint small sections of the wall using sample paint colors. This will let you see how the colors look in natural sunlight during the day as well as artificial lighting at night. A paint swatch kit like the one from is another option. You paint the peelable circles and them apply them to your wall. Once you’ve selected your color you just peel the circles off the your walls, but hang on to them! Roll them up and bring them on your next shopping expedition to find accessories that match the new wall color.

It’s not about color everywhere, paint an accent wall, add color with flowers (see below) or even throw pillows or a blanket.

there are many ways for adding color to your room or home

Wall Color Can Brighten Your Home

Most people think of painting when they think of adding color to their home, but there are lots of other options out there.

  • wallpaper is easier today, adding color to your roomsAccent wall – add a bold color to one wall instead of the entire room. 
  • Fabric wall – add color and possibly a pattern by attaching fabric to a wall. You can even get peel and stick fabric from, when it’s time for something new, you simply peel it off!
  • Wallpaper – for color with a decorative twist consider wall paper. There are many different styles and finishes available. 
  • Bookcase backs – to add color that will WOW without overwhelming your room, paint the backs of bookcases, or cover them in fabric. 

Adding Color with Accessories or Furniture

Painting furniture is one way to add color without committing to a wall or the whole room. This is a great use for those unused pieces of furniture in the attic. You can also visit flea markets and unfinished furniture stores are for inexpensive pieces that are just waiting for you to customize them with paint or fabric.

adding color can be lots of funHere are more ideas:

  • Painting furniture – breathe new life into coffee tables, dressers, bookcases, wood stools and more with nothing more than a can of paint. This works especially well when you want to decorate your children’s rooms with a touch of whimsy.
  • Paint the floors – Not happy with how your floors look? Add color to a tired looking floor with lots of life left in it. Rugs (coordinated with pillows or other accessories) can add color and really tie a room together.
  • Create your own artwork – this is a great way to fill empty walls and you can even include the kids in this fun activity.
  • Pillows and throws – inexpensively change colors with the seasons by draping them over sofas and chairs.
  • Window treatments – a great solution for adding color to your home and, an easy way to integrate all the design elements in a room.


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