Photo Walls To Enjoy Memories Year Round

a-photo-wallAt the end of the year we celebrate many different holidays with family and friends who are important in our lives. It’s a fun, exciting time of year but wait … why can’t we enjoy memories of these times all year round?

You can with a photo wall (or two) in your home. You can keep the holidays and other special people and activities alive in your home year round. Photo walls work well because you’re displaying the photos at eye level where it’s easy to scan your favorite pictures. They’re also great because they don’t take up surfaces you want to use for other purposes. In some cases like staircases, you’re using space that might not get used for anything else.

Steps to Create a Photo Wall

  1. This might seem obvious but you’ve got to take lots of great photos. Lots because you often don’t know which photos you want to display until you’re looking at them on your computer and it’s too late to go back and take more photos. A great recommendation is getting both vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) so you can decide later which ones capture your stories best.
  2. Next you need to pick your wall and decide how you want to layout your photos. Here’s a great article on photo wall displays, to give you lots of good ideas. Before deciding on the size of your photos, consider where people will be standing when looking at the photos.
  3. Next you’ll want to pick a strategy for your picture frames. Do you want them all the same material, e.g. wood? The same color? or maybe an eclectic mix of new and old (antique) frames that you’ve been collecting and were never sure how to use.
  4. Once you’ve bought your frames, you want to lay them out on a table, or the floor works well and comes closer to the distance you’ll have when the frames are on the wall. It’s now time to audition your favorite photos in each frame and yes, you’ll need some imagination as these photos won’t be the correct size yet.
  5. Now you’re ready to print your photos in the correct size. It’s okay to remove the mat or make it bigger/smaller for the photo size you want.
  6. Finally, insert your photos in their frames and hang them on the wall … step back and admire your work!

Informal of Posed Photos

While it’s fun to capture people in the act of eating, talking or … This requires someone to have a camera (or smart phone if you take a lot of photos) ready and they’ve got to recognize the picture worthy moments. That’s hard and tough when you want everyone to have a great time including the photographer. It’s also challenging when some people will avoid getting their picture taken unless everyone’s included.

That’s why you also want to consider which wall in your home you’ll use to take family holiday photos. If you don’t have time to do all the decorating you planned (we all run out of time unless we get help), make sure this backdrop, typically a wall , is decorated for great photos. In fact you might even take some test photos to check things out, and then you’re ready to capture all your holiday memories.

Here are some photo walls to inspire you, and if you like Pinterest (check out their family photo walls), we’re sure you’ll find lots of great ideas there too. For example, the photo wall in the upper left has hooks for jackets and backpacks. The photo wall over a bed, includes a sports banner to compliment the photos.

photo walls you or your handyman can hang

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