Quick Home Repairs to Make Before Guests Arrive

make home repairs before holiday guests arriveHome repairs happen throughout the year. The most important repairs before the holidays are ones that might cause an accident when you’ve got guests visiting. Taking care of these repairs now will make your holidays go more smoothly and you’ll relax knowing your home is holiday ready.

Sidewalks, Stairs and Home Repairs

When you live in a house you have a routine which might include skipping that wobbly first step up to the front porch. Family members might never use the front door because you enter the house through the back door that goes right into the kitchen.

Your guests will use the front door. They might trip when they step on the wobbly step and get hurt, and that won’t be fun for anyone. The wobbly step needs to get fixed so grab a piece of paper and make a list.

  • Is the path from the street or driveway, to your front door, well lit?
  • If a 70 year old walked (shuffled) along the path to your door, is there anything on the ground they could trip on?Yes, that means the flagstone on the sidewalk or a loose board on the stairs up to the door.
  • Are the railings on the stairs tight because that 70 year old is going to hold onto the railing?
  • Is the font door well lit so noone trips over the threshold?

While the questions here focus on areas outside your house, the same questions apply indoors … to hallways and stairs.

Note: You can find lots of inexpensive, solar powered sidewalk lights at Amazon or your favorite store.solar-sidewalk-lights-amazon

Making Home Repairs Before Guests Arrive

Home repairs aren’t fun and we get that. They’re simply one of the responsibilities you take on when you buy a house and oops, there’s no landlord to call to fix the doorbell or squeaky door or … toilet that won’t stop running.

Everyone approaches home repairs differently. Some people and mostly those that are handy and love their tools, will fix problems as soon as they’re found. Others will diligently add repairs to their punch list, and once or twice a year, get to work or call a handyman. Sadly some people just ignore problems until they become emergencies, never realizing this will cost you more money.

So think of this work as a blessing in disguise. You’re taking care of your house, your guests and shrinking your punch list so here are a few more questions, to help make your home holiday ready. Think through where guests will venture in your house, e.g. will they head upstairs to leave coats?

  • Can guests walk easily from room-to-room without tripping over furniture or worse, extension cords?
  • Is your guest bathroom clear of clutter so they can use the facilities easily?
  • Is there enough lighting for guests and can they turn lights on/off easily?

Note: Seniors need extra lighting to see changes in the floor, e.g. even a quarter inch lip between tile in the kitchen and hardwood in the dining room can be a problem.

  • For guests who might help with meal preparation, are counters clear of things that might fall?
  • Are area rugs secure as this can be a huge tripping problem if you don’t have rubber mats underneath?
  • Will toddlers be visiting? Ask parents if you need to install covers on the outlets, and child-proof cabinets or doors.

Entertaining and Protecting Furniture

We love to have company and we want to remember these special times for the right reasons. If you have fragile items out normally, now is a good time to put them high up or away for the holidays. It’s too easy for someone to bump into the coffee table ¬†as you’ll have lots more people in your house, and yikes … if they’re carrying some delicious treats, they’ll be focused on keeping them safe while navigating to a safe place to sit.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday!


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