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It's good to have a table or shelf at the front door to put down packagesEvery home can use more storage but where do you find the room to add storage. so let’s start at the front door and walk through the house to find places where you can easily add storage on a budget.

Let us help you find the right storage solution for your home!


Not every home has a coat closet by the front door, nor does every home need one. The entryway to the right is in Florida where they seldom wear coats. This simple table (also called a console) offers a number of things:

  • Table top to put down packages when entering the home.
  • Drawers to hide papers, keys and other knick knacks.
  • Shelf with nice leather bins to hold larger items like a dog leash.
  • Room under the shelf to hide outdoor shoes.

Shelving for active families to keep everything visible and easy to accessLiving/Family Rooms

Active families need storage that’s easy to access, and the visibility to quickly find what they’re looking for. These bookshelves in an open concept kitchen/family room provide lots of storage for school supplies, arts and crafts, books and more. There is enough room for every family member to keep their most important things handy.

A unique design of this custom bookshelf system is the half shelf separating the table area from the rest of the family room can be removed if homeowners want more space.

Rollout shelves make your pantry and lower kitchen cabinets more usableKitchens

You always want more space in the kitchen and one way to make the space you have work harder is to install rolling shelves like these from

They work wonders at helping you keep your kitchen pantry organized, make the space under your kitchen sink friendlier and the same goes for your bathroom vanities.

These hooks on the bathroom door are a creative way to gain more storage spaceBathrooms

Even more crowded than your kitchen are the bathrooms, especially those that don’t have a linen closet. With plumbing there isn’t much storage space under the sink(s) so it’s time to get creative with shelving and even hooks on the back of the door for bathrobes and more.

You can also put lots of hooks on the walls within reach of the bathroom sinks, where you can hang jewelry and other toiletries for easy access.

Custom closets give you 2 to 3 times the storageBedrooms

Bedrooms need lots of storage for our clothes. Typically you’ll have one or more dressers and one or 2 closets. Builders rarely install more than one shelf and a single hanging rod below the shelf.

Custom closets with a mix of long and short hanging rods plus shelving can more than double the storage capacity of most closets. You can find a nice selection of mix and match components at Lowe’s or call Mr Handyman to build them to fit your closet.

When a garage has a tall ceiling, it's easy to add shelving hanging down from the ceilingGarages

The key to an organized garage is being able to find what you’re looking for, with a quick scan of the space. You can make your own pegboard organizers and here’s a 4 by 8 ft shelf we built, hanging from the ceiling.

Whether you need one shelf or several shelves around the perimeter of your garage, they’ll save you time and money when you don’t have to rent a storage unit.

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