We Have a New Dog and Now Need???

New Dog, now What?

New Dog, Now What?

We’ve talked about tips for organizing all the kids paraphernalia for school, sports and other hobbies. Adding a pet brings new challenges to getting, and staying organized around the house. Mr Handyman is used to handling almost any type of request for normal home maintenance and repairs. We also get some unusual requests to assemble furniture, beds and skate ramps and some requests have to do with installing pet doors and building / expanding outdoor runs.

It’s amazing how quickly you’ll find dog items throughout your home so these tips are organized around the various activities you’ll do with your dog(s) starting with …

Walking Your Dog

Going for walks won’t be as simple as putting on your coat. Now you’ll need a leash, some special bags for deposits, special brush for getting rid of dog hair outside and maybe you’ll use a virtual (training) collar that needs to be plugged in to recharge. It’s easiest to keep all dog items used outside in one place:

  • Organize all dog items to hang on hooks or
  • Find a shelf or corner to keep your dog collection near the door where you leave for dog walks.
  • If you’ll be taking your dog for frequent car rides, an extra leash and bags stored in the car works great. A friend recently told me she uses a shower curtain secured to the head rest hardware, to keep the back seats clean.

Indoor Activities with Your Dog (Think Food)

It’s common to find someplace in your kitchen where it’s safe to keep your pets food and water bowls. The challenge has to do with storing the extra dog food, especially if you’re buying large 20 to 40 pound bags. There are lots of new kitchen cabinets designed to a combination of trash, recycling and dog food. You can easily retrofit an 18 inch wide base cabinet to hold white plastic bins, 14 inches wide … and you can place them 2 deep.

Family Time Outdoors

Dog Door from Plexidors

Dog Door from Plexidors

Many homes have a deck or patio attached to the house, providing outside living space. You might also have a tree house or swing set in the backyard for kids and you’ll want your dog to be part of the fun. A pet door eliminates the hassle of having to let your pets out, and then back into the house … so they can join the kids playing or keep anyone company outside, and especially when you have a fenced in yard (real or virtual).

There are many different designs for dog doors, and this one from Plexidors opens at the center so there isn’t a banging noise when the flap slams down after your dog has gone through the door.

When You’re Away

Many pets are home for extended hours when everyone is away at school or work. It’s quite common in these situations for home owners to use a dog door in combination with a fenced in yard or dog run. This solution lets your pets get exercise and more important take care of bathroom functions outdoors so there’s no mess for you to worry about when you get home. At Mr Handyman we’ve build a dog ramp to reach a basement dog door and built dog runs too, along the far side of the house. We also install fencing although we prefer if the home owner marks out where they want it to go before we arrive.

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