Green / Energy: Toilets that Save Water?

We’re running out of water in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) projects y 2013, an estimated 36 states will have water shortages due to increased use and inefficient water management. We can all help improve this outlook by finding ways to reduce our water use. From earlier low flow toilets, manufacturers are bringing new, creative products to market to help us.

toilet-from-front-0409-istock1329047xsThere is now a dual flush toilet on the market (several different brands to pick from). They provide 2 different handles, and handle¬† solid and liquid waste differently from standard American toilets. The funniest part of all the information written is … they’re calling it an “interactive toilet design” and it’s already hugely popular in countries already dealing with water shortages like Australia.

The difference in water use is 0.8 or 1.6 gallons of water, depending on the flush … also called the half flush or the full flush. These toilets can reduce water usage by up to 67% compared with traditional toilets that use 2.9 gallons in a single flush.

There is also a dual flush retrofit kit from Aquanotion, if you are happy with the toilet you have. They claim these toilets can save 6,000 gallons of water per year.

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